Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday, all day long

It's raining and toward the end of the week they say the possibility of a few inches of snow. I just keep the snow shovel handy next to the kitchen door.

I love it when my Pest Control man comes to the house once a month. He is also an avid sports fan and we go over the entire football and basketball team and agenda and then, we go on to the NFL so we can get them lined out too. Good thing he is the owner. He loves jawboning about it as much as I do, so I feel certain the hour he is usually here..always standing and always spraying corners here and there, is planned. If I happen to be making lemon muffins, and that's once in a while, he gets a few of them before he leaves.

I made an error the other day in someone elses' blog comments and it seemed as though I wasn't what I am..a career gun handler. That has been my career and certainly I own a few of them as well. I accidentally implied otherwise with my unthinking remark. Just wanted to set it straight. Two of my friends who know me better than most were puzzled and asked me about my little comment. So..

I fried a lot of chicken yesterday..all boneless skinless breasts and took them over to the youngest's home while he was at work as a surprise, He could have some for supper when he got home after working out and I even sliced some evenly for use in sandwiches. I'm a mom first, and a web slinger later. :-)

This is why I can't sit in my new office chair..pardon me..HER office chair.


  1. So...who did your pest control man think is going to win between the Packers and Bears game?
    I don't carry a gun but I've shot one a time or two. Shot a shot gun once and it almost knocked me off my feet and I had a bruise on my shoulder that you wouldn't believe lol.
    Yes,,,HER office chair. You must keep that straight lol.

  2. Gotcha Carole! I appreciate the note today and as you say some of us knew what the record was with you no matter what! Our pest control visits every winter and kills everything LOL! I have to admit my relationship with this kind of PS has been rocky but I am glad for the service as far as bugs are concerned!

  3. oh a puffball of ginormous proportions...least that is what it looked like till the photo was bigger, hahameow.

  4. Do you worry about the spray that goes down for pests on Admiral?
    I am so glad that (so far) all the pest control at our home is done outside. (When we first started it I didn't think it would work BUT it has!) In FL if you don't have pest control you will get infested very easily with roaches. Every once in awhile one comes down through the chimney and I find bits and pieces thanks to the 5 cats.

  5. Never even had anything other than a cap gun in my hands and I was about 10 then. Of course living with a hunter the kids have all shot one.

    Very intereting chair ornament you have there. She looks well ensconced in HER chair.

  6. Yes, the office chair has the Admiral's name on it...lol
    This is why I say my recliner is really Kassey's.
    I don't like shooting my pistol or any gun I've had in the past. I just hope I never have to use it.
    I think our weather is gonna be like yours. It's so misty out it looks like fog.

  7. I don't have any kind of license to carry any weapon, but man, am I ever a crack shot. Or was. I started target practicing when I was about 8 or 9, first on tin cans and then skeet and paper targets. Love it!
    Admiral's chair, lol, love it. All hers now, you know. Worth every little left behind whisker, too.

  8. I don't own any weapons. I've shot several different types including handguns. I enjoy target shooting but I don't like handguns.

  9. Sorry you have lost your new chair?? or she might think you bought for her:-)
    My ex hubby has import & export business plus the gun license therefore he used to import all type of guns.
    I am pretty much get used for the guns we used go to the hunting it mostly the deers:-)
    That why sometime I think like the man LOL!
    Todays is my golf day but my favorites tennis player was on TV and another weeks LOL!
    A last night I staied up to 0200 and took me another an hours to asleep because I was so excited for about tennis also tonight too:-)
    I go to play my golf about this afternoon by four clock thank for the daylight serving:-)
    Now you know I am very busy with the monkey businessLOL!
    Tomorrow I go to lunch with my freinds..I don't like to watchs video because not same thought more important to be with my friends this is a regularly by monthly ones:-)


  10. Carole, you already know that my entire family shoots. Laura is a champion 3 position rifle competitor and Frankie and I are both licensed to carry. I wish we didn't feel the need but there are places we refuse to go unarmed. Better to have them and not need them than vice versa.

  11. I have never used a gun. Jim owned several and was a registered gun owner. I gave them all to my brother to get them out of the house. Admiral looks so comfy in that chair that you will have to buy another one for you.

  12. Of course that is "her chair". Why shouldn't it be? Hee hee! All cats should have the best seats in the house.


  13. She is beautiful in her chair. I hate guns of any kind. Always have and was raised around them , my Dad an avid hunter and my hubby has many . I have one of my Dads Browinings. It locked up with all the rest of Bobs.