Monday, January 31, 2011

What? Tuesday Already?'s MONDAY, you doofus

Next thing you know, it'll be Wednesday for pity sake. I already blogged about the progression of days on WP so I won't do it again here. Of course, there are my WP friends only and my Blog Spot friends only. Rarely do the twain meet except Sis and Twin and my sibling from another mother JennyD. ♥♥♥

I have enjoyed, as I said yesterday, the weekend of sun. Today it's chilly and gray and about to rain for the next three or four days and the threat (as usual!) of snow. But nothing we have or will likely to get even comes near what everyone else is putting up with. I will say that this past summer was about the worst for heat and humidity I can recall in a long long time. We get an extra blast of summer and of winter it seems. Having either extreme is not usual in these parts but it may be something we will have to become used to.

I was sorry to see, despite all the cold and snow and ice here that some of my daffodils are up out of the ground and a few hyacinths. :-( I really wish they would go back to sleep and no idea why they are doing that. We absolutely have NOT had unseasonably warm weather what will all the snow.

I've been around to you guys. A couple of you got blogs for a comment. :-)


  1. I get it. Your trying to rush the week through to get over the storm mode. I hardly ever go to WP. I forget that I have the site most of the time. Oh I hope your daffodils aren't confused.

  2. YEP Monday here too sis lol. I'm trying real hard not to complain about the weather but it isn't easy. I'd love to see blooming flowers about now. Have a great day!

  3. Still a chilly Monday here.Well, I can't keep up, time moves so fast,especially with the over- the -hill- gang.. I'd love to see something besides brown here.

  4. tuesday ... hhhnnnnnnnmmmmmm?????

  5. I am thinking all of the snow may have cushioned your daffodils and hyacinths keeping this nice and comfy this winter so when the snow melted they pushed up out of the ground.
    I think it is Monday here too!

  6. FLOWERS already Sis!! WOW.. that is will be a long long time here before the flowers even get through all the snow here. I surely won't be here at home when they begin to bloom.. sad but goes on.

  7. Just the blades are up from the bulb..a couple of inches..

  8. The rain may bring them up more.
    It's Monday evening here ;-)

  9. Do you know I was up my new post on Monday 31-01
    and it shows on computer 30-01?
    then I did look up my calender it was monday 31-01 LOL!
    I have had enough about crazy weather in all over the world.
    We started worry about the bush fire in these heat.
    But some delight news in your garden Daffodils & hyaciths Let hope they will survived from the snow,otherthing why not cover them for protect from snow?
    I will come over to help you that thought thing I'm pretty good at LOL!

  10. We had a warm summer and this is shaping up to be one of the worst winters that I have lived through. Please send some of the warmer air my way. We could use some meltdown.

  11. See what happens when you try to write too many blogs? HA. Glad to see I'm not the only one that can't figure one day from another. I don't know about you, but I swear we're on the same time zone and it's Monday night. The strange thing is, THIS post of yours is showing as 7 hrs ago on dashboard but only just this moment popped up.
    Send me some of your bulbs. My yard is done for and I'll have to start all over again come Spring. Between the drought from last Summer and Fall and then the freezes this winter, and the county digging up my yard for those blasted water pipes, it's a mess. I've whined enough.
    XOXOXO from your sibling from another mother :D

  12. Glad I'm not the only one who was a bit confused on the days. For some reason it just seemed like Tuesday this morning...didn't take long to realize, no, it's Monday. We had rain today, more due tomorrow. I'll take rain over the snow any day.
    Our daffodils are putting tops out of the ground, too. Thankfully they can take a freeze and survive. I have a pansy that bloomed even in the snow.

  13. "ole common working stiffs" (NOT yet retired) don't have any trouble at all figuring out which day is MONDAY!
    Guess the bulbs got fooled with all the moisture in the ground and the sudden ground temp rising above freezing. But, they'll pay for the mistake!