Saturday, February 5, 2011

Danged iffin it ain't Sattidy.

I do declare! It's Saturday and a cold wet and dreary one too. But that's OK. It's a day and we're always glad to have one of those.

Turns out the originator of the term Red Neck Room..back on WLS's blogs, JinGeorgia saw my WP blog about the fun we've had with his term and how appropriate it is to us. I'm glad he saw that and knew we appreciated his fun along with us.

Ever notice that certain months in the year seem to have more strife or illness or just plain not-too-hot stuff going on? I have. Those months are generally February and March. Especially March. More folks pass on in my circle of friends or acquaintances or get very ill. I almost wish I could just tack on two January's or two Decembers to avoid those February's and March's. I've just noticed that through the years. That goes for the fur family too. Dogs or cats of yours or of friends. July is a close second. But then I may think that because my mother passed on then. One of our sweet blog friends is going through things right now with her Mom. I feel so terribly badly for her. We all of us do who know her. ♥♥♥

But here we are and I'll be over to your place to see you. Hope you have the mat feet'll be wet. It's raining again.


  1. I think I would curl up and die if we had to tack on two more Decembers or January. Seriously.

  2. Well, Kea might be right but most times I think I'm going to curl up and die anyway.
    Raining here, too. Missed my art show, etc, today, darn it. Just too wet, rainy, and colddddd to drive and have to park many blocks away. It's ok, I'm hung up with a feather wand.

  3. OK.Make that two July's and two August's. Point well taken.

  4. I think August can be thrown in there. Both my deceased husbands died in August. Jack died in 1993, Aug.23 and Henry died Aug.31,2004.
    We got up to blowing snow, but petered out and been awfully cold in the 30's.
    To heck with
    Have a nice weekend you two.

  5. Yep. I'm having one of those Februarys this year. Ugh! Middle age isn't all it's cracked up to be. Where are all those midlife crises with sports cars and boob jobs?

  6. It is snowing here and I would lots rather have the rain. That is, if it isn't the freezing kind. The deaths in my family have mostly ocurred in December and January. At least the ones that were most stressful to me happened then.
    My prayers are right with yours for our dear friend.

  7. Many of my coworkers are sick now. There is such time of the year. Take care and stay healthy :-)

  8. I enjoyed with my family together for my brake from blogs. yesterday I had new post and I do noticed the date shows 5th Feb, Saturday...
    it was 6th Feb Sunday..I was confused myself.
    It never happened before which we have been front of your days.

    The weather was very bad that I have had enough to talks about them now our golf course were under water again and a lots of people were floods again.

    Well today we having cool only 19C just like an Autumn weather.
    xoxox to you & Miss Cats & miyuki & Victoria.

  9. This has been a troubling month on many levels so far. I intend to send you an e-mail about it actually. Blessings to you in spite of it all my friend. God bless and keep you!