Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday. What a Night THAT Was

Man, the wind was so strong it woke me from a sound sleep and it scared me too.  I am surrounded by ultra tall trees and I worry enough about those without 60 mile per hour winds and gusts. It sounded like the siding was apt to be torn  off, never mind branches and so on crashing to the ground.  Luckily no  damage that I am aware of yet.  The lightening and thunder were pretty bad too. The wind is still blowing but only about 30 mph.

I changed the header to a picture I took in the summer of last year.  I'm so glad you liked it.  Thank you for those comments.  The picture crusher element of blogger cut it off pretty severely but the important part is there.  :-)

Several folks have kindly commented on the different presentation of pictures I have in Flickr, as opposed to here in Blogger, meaning the words I use to paint a story to go with the picture I post there at Flickr.  Those  words of praise or caring to me regarding the way I present my photos means a lot to me and I am truly and sincerely grateful.  Sis and Twin, thank you.  And I just last evening discovered that Michiko San wrote a testimonial for me on Flickr.  (((((HUGS)))) and what a delightful surprise, one that made me smile.   I'm going to drive over there to Australia again this weekend so you don't have to use your gasoline, Sis.  That's my way of saying thank you.  (((HUGS)))



  1. I know that you've got your own personal forest right there by your house, I'm certainly glad to hear it didn't come crashing down on you! We have the wind at times too but not the trees to worry about. I like your header there a lot! It seems that we can all use any reminder we can get that better weather can't be forever away!

  2. Gorgeous photo -- do you know what kind of moth it is?

    As for the trees around your house--can you have a tree-trimming company come and prune them? (Not chop them down, just make sure they're trimmed properly. If they already aren't.)

    Have a great Friday. I'm so glad this week is drawing to a close. :-/

  3. Winds like that scare the devil out of me too. We have a huge tree right behind our garage and I'm always afraid if it goes. Not only could it due damage to it, depending on which way it goes it could hurt the house behind us.

  4. Yes, it has been really windy here all week and I have a tree that needs to be trimmed so the branches don't scritch on the siding and keep me awake. There is also a huge tree that scares me as if it fell, it wout hit my car and probably some of the other tenants cars. I didn't plant the tree but am not sure if the townhouse association would consider it my responsibility as it was planted when the homes were built by some nincompoop who didn't plan ahead for it getting so large in my postage sized yard...

  5. Oh...forgot to say how much I like the new header too! I don't visit Flickr much but am happy to hear about the kudos on your photos there!

  6. We went through wind and rain last night, too. We also have trees all around our house. I have a hard time not being worried about it.
    I love your header. I do need to visit Flickr more, maybe even sign up.
    The CSN Store is online, so be sure and enter. I don't know if there is a physical store. I'm sorry I didn't make that clear.

  7. So glad you are safe. I wonder if the Spring will be that stormy. Love your photos.

  8. I do not like the wind!!
    wanted you to know that I love your photos on flikr but I never comment because there are SO many :)

  9. Sure glad you and Miss Catt are safe. We had the same mess here. The wind was whistling in the back, but not scary. I was worried that we may have a tornado.

  10. Hi Sis! you wrote very touching post in here :-)
    I was highly emotionally read this Saturday morning as same time thinking of you and Miss catts, my comments were always honesty one but unfortunately used clmsy words.
    Thank you for that I felt like to coming see you right now:-)but you are coming in here wait for you:-)

    I would worried too that where you lived in amongs of big trees behind your home.
    I guess this year you don't need to worried about the leaves from the trees?
    Wait for couple weeks then we would have your spring time and Autumn for me.
    Take care my dear Sis,
    xoxoxo to Miss Catt & Miyuki & victoria.

  11. I'm following your lead Carole and will begin posting pictures on Flickr. I miss having a place to post albums. As soon as I get rolling there I will check out your shots.
    Great butterfly shot.

  12. Yep, we've got it tonight. I thought thae house was going to blow over.

  13. While you were getting the thunderstorm we got snow and wind. Fortunately the sun got rid of a lot of it today.

    I love your photos you post on flickr. They are always excellent.

  14. It has been raining here but not strong wind. I am glad you are safe and there seem to be no damage.
    I love the new header photo. It is beautiful!!