Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Git the RedNeck Room ready!

Us rednecks are gonna gather here in two hours or thereabouts.  Oh the noise and laughing! I hope some from Utilities and the Fire dept also show up.  The more the merrier.
We're going to stuff ourselves, gossip and laugh and have a great time. 

Here is a photo I took at the marina yesterday.  Hope you enjoy. Some of you saw it on WP.


  1. Love the photo, my last hubby was named We shopped together though.
    Y'all have a super good time.

  2. Oh boy, you're going to have FUN today! I'm going out to look for steps for Sam if I can get out of my driveway. The darn county trucks are here again and digging up the road.

  3. I'm waiting out the 25 below windchill but like it or not I must go out today...ugh. I'm thinking you'll be having a lot more fun than I! I seldom head over to WP...still really don't like it so I'm very glad you shared this picture here!

  4. Oh I love the photo! It made me want to go see the ocean :-)

  5. Oh to be there and see and hear all the fun you guys will have. I can just imagine the sound. Love the picture, my first boyfriend was a Henry.

  6. I bet you had a wonderful time! I like your photo.

  7. I bet you had lots of fun. Great job on the photo and caption.

  8. I would like to sat on side of marina just looking at the water for day dream....
    would be nice if I can do it? wait for your spring time....
    You might find a fat sea gull's? because they ate anything don't they? lol!

    From today Australia women's golf on TV and I started watched some of today.
    I think go to bed watch some movie on TV..