Monday, February 7, 2011

Half in and Half Out

That would be the sun.  Very cloudy with occasional dazzling bursts of sun..just for a few minutes to get you all charged up that there are blue skies overhead and gold sun rays and bam!  gone again under cover. 

I would rather not have this cold and grayness but then, I know I can get in line with everyone else who feels the same.

I think I will just make some moist pumpkin bread.  That ought to cheer me up. 

Meanwhile, I am holding my own with Scrabble..winning more than I lose, (depending on who I am playing too) and I have been out with the camera only to return with same and a few disappointing frames that I pretty much delete as soon as they see the light o' day. 

The cat is doing much better now with her Twitter account than she did before.  She decided to delete that account and has another called AdmiralHestorb.  She loves meeting all the other kitties and doggies.

Guess it's the kitchen for me and get the oven preheated.  ♥


  1. would like a one half loaf of moist pumpkin bread.... pleeeaaaasssseeeeee.

  2. Mmm, I made a pumpkin loaf last week. The snow day, I think.

    So glad the Admiral is doing well, Carole!

    Wishing you sunny skies....

  3. Pumpkin Bread!! Yummm, that sounds good. Be right there, got real butter I hope and a cup of tea would really hit the spot right now.


  4. Love that pumpkin bread with coffee.
    No sun here, just dreary, thinking about baking a small cake.
    KasseyKatty tweeted earlier, thought it was about time.

  5. Blessings....

    Take come pics of the pumbkin bread let us eat vicariously.

    Have a grand week

  6. This peekiepoo sun today has got to be frustrating. Jist gray skies here, not one peek. Glad your kitty is better.

  7. Every were is same and we had another floods
    in some area plus our golf course were closed for about three weeks,well I'll be quiet.
    But I enjoy staied with Millie's family home though I may told you?
    In here an Autumn fashion shows started this week.
    At reast Miss Catts members are doing very well that is good for Admiral.

  8. It's zero degrees and finally they cancelled the storm warning but the damage is down now with lots of new snow and that brutal, storms like this I expect however the matching cold wears on my already thin winter nerves...I think that bread would help a lot!

  9. YES! The sun found it's way back here yesterday and it's still hanging around! Not a cloud in the sky, not a patch of snow on the ground and the weather guesser is calling for low 50s over the weekend. Where did Frankie hide my shorts? Look out world; blinding white bird legs ahead!