Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Caturday

Well, me and her were a little down in our mouths this weekend until today. We were feeling really badly about some pets who are in bad circumstances and its so sad. But we know that wallowing in it does NOT help..purrs and prayers do. SO, today,the youngest agreed to have lunch with me and so I drove to Knoxville to meet up with him.

We ate at Aubrey's. Good food I must say. I came on home after a stop off at the Arboretum..their bulbs are not blooming yet. Then, at 1600 I joined a big "pawty" going on at Twitter that was specifically to raise monies for the New Zealand ASPCA to help displaced pets and ferals after the earthquake. In this case, there is a huge contingent of Tweeting kitties and the Admiral is but one of thousands. We had a pawty and made a lot of money among ourselves to donate and a great time was had by us all. The Admiral had two mugs of Bacon beer, in a bacon mug so after you drink your bacon beer you eat the mug. She was considering having the Niptini but changed her mind after a nice kitty invited her to have a bacon beer.

We have a big day ahead of us too, tomorrow. Someone didn't eat her supper so I'll be watching that!! She getting so she doesn't like cold food any more.

PEE ESS Who knows when I can buy some sunflowers or seeds? I can't find any. Is it too soon?


  1. Hi Carole, Just stopping by to say hello, and wish you and the Admiral a Blessed Sunday.
    xx;s and smiles
    Dianne :)

  2. I'm glad you had a good day. Hope lots of $ was raised...I had made a donation via Rumbles' blog a couple of days ago. Can't even imagine the reality of being there. As much as I b*tch about winter and the snow and cold, I'm lucky to live in a relatively safe area, geologically.

    I hope the Admiral eats later. Who can blame her for not wanting cold food? :-P

  3. well, the little tyrant doesn't like it faintly warmed in the microwave either! Straight from the can..that's it.

  4. What a great idea raising money for such a worthy cause.

    I hope Admiral isn't getting ready to have to endure a visit to the vet.

    I hope things are better for her tomorrow.

  5. kind of early for seeds
    Kansas has them in the ditch
    take a trip n dig one up

  6. It was a good news and more $$$ for rais money for NZ Kitties and Dogs.
    Admiral has too many mugs of Becon beer that why she doesn't want to eat her dinner? hopefully
    tomorrow morning she will eat well:-)

    The sunflowers seeds I have heaps of in my pantry
    I used for my breakfast cerel.
    I will send to you by express post first thing in the morning.
    Hope Admiral san is okay.

  7. You can snitch some sunflower seeds from the bird feeder...they will grow. Have a nice Sunday.

  8. How nice to help the animals in the NZ earthquake! By the way, you've probably already been nominated, but in case you haven't, I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award.

  9. Serving a good cause...that's a very good thing to do. I appreciate causes like that because it gives voice to the voiceless. I hope you have a really wonderful day my friend. Blessings to you. I'm off to have our final meeting today then finally tomorrow we begin the journey home.

  10. Bacon beer? Bacon beer for cats? Bacon beer for cats in edible mugs? Where have I been?

  11. LORDIE SIS..that picture is are sooo truly talented. LOVE IT!!

  12. Oh Boy. Bacon beer and for cats? My granddaughter would be so jealous. She's a bacon fanatic. Lucky Admiral.

  13. Just a make the kitties smile.

  14. Yes, it's hard to think about the sadness when it comes to animals. I totally understand. It is so reassuring to see money raised for the NZ ASPCA.

    Too funny about the bacon beer in a bacon mug no less.

    Your butterfly picture is exquisite!

  15. The stores around here are beginning to put seeds out. Hopefully you'll find some before too long. The Twitter pawty sounds fun, especially helping some furry critters.