Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I do believe it's Tuesday!

I have done my treadmilling, tossed around the weights again and I am in here with the overhead fan on!! to help cool off. Then, I'll do my face and me and the camera head out to the unknown again. (I know I won't find anything but, you never know AND what I really want is a walk in the woods.)

I did not have a particular Valentine's Day extravaganza this time. No date. BUT I did have a visitor who would like to be my Valentine but alas, no. Here I should make it plain that my caller came at 1200 NOON. And now, for the next paragraph! Geesh!

I was on the yellyofone last evening with a fellow blogger and friend for two hours so that was my evening and a very pleasant one it was :-)

I feel good, the day will be good with mostly sunny skies and that is just the boost I have needed these past several days. I feel like a million dollars again. Oh the gray skies will be back yes but it's good to get some respite in between.

What's good going on in your neck of the woods?


  1. The sun disappeared here...now I know where it went ;-)

  2. Super sunny over here and the guy I hired is working his fanny off getting all the leaves raked and bagged. So far, there are 34 bags done and he's only half finished. I had made a deal with him for a low amt of $ and now I feel so guilty after seeing how hard he's working, that I am going to give him what he originally asked for PLUS an additional 40 bucks just for being so darn honorable. He is a workhorse!

    Soooo, some blogger kept you on the phone instead of you being able to look all gorgeous for a suitor. Tsk, tsk, that blogger should be ashamed!

  3. It is finally warming up a bit in Kentucky, making us all very happy!

    Clarissa & Co.

  4. It was partly cloudy this AM but sun returned, so nice. "she" was my valentine...Lol

  5. Thanks for coming by to visit Dante yesterday. You're a new name to me, but it sounds like you're quite familiar with my big red boy!

    Glad you had a good V-Day chatting with your friend.

  6. It was a cloudy gray day here up around 39 degrees but tomorrow is supposed to be a lot warmer. I am counting on that.
    Did you enjoy the walk in the woods? Big box of chocolates??