Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunny Saturday

I am so grateful for the sun today. Had it all say yesterday as well, and that is a gift we needed around here. It's been gray, cold, (still is cold) rainy, snowy, typical winter weather. As with everyone else, it is SO good to get a change.

Another blogger in CA said (and showed us) her daffodils up and blooming. To my sorrow, mine have blades pushing up out of the soil about 6 inches now. I have no idea why as it is COLD and usually no sun. I hope they don't get killed as it still snows and freezes hard here into April.

The oldest was here over night (it's a laundry thing) and he's having his usual breakfast. OJ, bacon, biscuits and eggs. Usually there is a furry supervisor but she must be taking a much needed nap after being up and eating..all of that. :-)

Hope all is well with you guys. I didn't see many who have updated but I will look again. I had one ear on the timer while I was the biscuits wouldn't burn. ♥


  1. Sun here, yea. A little warmer too. Should have came to your house for breakfast. Yum.

  2. We are having heat wave here as it is 36 degrees with sunshine.
    I think I want to come and have breakfast with you guys.

  3. Our flowers really got nailed this year so I figure we'll have to start from scratch if we have time for that at all this year. I hope yours manage to survive. Funny how plants can come up too early like that. I've noticed the decline in posts and even comments over on FB...every time I mention that I notice that I seem to come under fire but it's true and quite noticeable. Bless you Carole, it's always great to hear from you!

  4. We're having a beautiful sunny day with temps nearly to 40! Love it after all the gray days.
    Your daffodils should be fine. A couple years ago mine were blooming, then it snowed. I just knew it would 'kill' them. But it didn't, didn't seem to faze them at all.
    Glad you had time with your of the pleasures of life.

  5. Yummy breakfast there too, had sausage and biscuits here. My girl had her breakfast and headed to her sunny window.

  6. It's great that you had great breakfast with your son. Wish I had some body to do my laundry. ;-)

  7. The sunny day made you happy and everything bright as well although you have a beautiful smiles too.
    When I have my family in here it seems best day and never get sick of that:-)

    Enjoy your day,
    xoxox to You and whole your Family.

  8. We are boot high in snow here so don't see any flowers peeking through. Hope you had a great day.

  9. Blessings...

    I hope you were able to bottle a little of today to carry over into tomorrow.

    Have a grand week

  10. well we had a sunny day on tuesday and u wont be suprised to see every one working in the garden Cleaning But but wait 3 days later we have freezing temperatures again so be carefull with spring attitude But anyway i wish u a wonderful weekend

  11. Runnin' by to catch up with the last week. Good, you're ok. No flowers poking heads out here at all but I do have a yard full of leaves now and don't even know where they came from. There may not be flowers here but I'll tell you what I told Beth. A few days ago, one of my munks popped out from hibernation and sat on the stump in my yard for well over an hour, taking in the sun and just looking around. Haven't seen him since, but still, that's a sure sign that Spring is headed in, yayyyyyy.
    Ok, back to work now and will see you soon :D