Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday (far as I know)

I will be headed out for another terribly expensive hair appointment in an hour but oh well, I obviously think it's worth it. :-) I think I will keep this hair length she gave me when I was there 7 weeks ago. It is shoulder length in front and at the bottom of the yoke of a shirt's length in back. Angled, in other words.

The Admiral is under the bed taking a much needed nap so that she'll be rested up for this afternoon's naps. A girl has to be prepared.

It's chilly and raining and my hyacinths are starting to come up and a few have begun to open their flower buds. I so with they would wait for March and as cold as it has been except the past few days, I can't see how they or the daffodils got the wrong message to wake up in February.

May as well Tweet a minute and look at least at the local paper and then be off. I will be round to see you in three hours.


  1. Have fun at your appt! It's always great to indulge like that, a real treat! (Highlights for me in March, yay!)

  2. If it isn't today,,,,, I won't tell

  3. A new 'do' always makes the day better.
    Love the butterfly.
    Kassey is snoozing too.

  4. Yep it's the day before Friday. A new do perks one up. Have a good day.

  5. Awesome header photo. Sheer beauty there.
    I think that is a very good hairstyle for you!!


  6. Going for a new DOO. Show us when you get back.

  7. I have had the days of the week all screwed up the whole week. I'll take your word that it's Thursday. I thought it was Friday all day. I need a vacation.

  8. The new header photos is very nice I think sometime changing around is a good idea:-)
    If you like that hair style why not keeps it:-)
    I have my hair colour is a chestnut colour.

    The Wistaria are normally blossom in the March but this year has been pop up in February:-)

    Miss Catts is doing very well which is very happy for you.

    Your comments:I wrote to you after that...
    @ Sis,It was pleasure to read your comments on early in the morning(I had a bad night) and a bit off fluffy in here too:-)
    I always think that how beautiful words to descriptions in your photos,I was fasinate to read them.
    xoxox to All my dear family 0345.
    Sis That all:-)
    I thought you might missed read because I had new post.
    Keeps warm!

  9. That photo is just amazing. A new do always lifts the spirits and a diva always has to be on top of her game. You go girl.

  10. Hope you enjoyed your new do. And that Miss Catt was totally prepared for her afternoon nap. My girls are both sleeping, probably preparing for the afternoon nap. THEN they'll be all ready to start running when the lights go out tonight. I guess a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...whatever that means.