Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday --far as I know

I am back after looking in vain for something I wanted to take a picture of.  However, I have a single rosebud that I experomented with and I will present it here along with what I said about it in Flickr.

I could not make the bed until noon as the cat, for the second time in her life decided to go in under the sheet and blanket and had curled, comma shaped, into the left over warmth.  That's a departure from her usual.  We'd already played "I can bite you hand while you play with me under the covers" )she never hurts..she knows we're playing) and we played "fight the fevver wand" and then, when I left the room for something, she crept under the covers.  I didn't know that until I returned and started making the bed.  I got everything straight on  my side..went to the other side of the bed and started pulling the sheet and blanket up and there was a trill sounding from under all of that!  I felt a soft being under there and left it unmade till now.

I have also gotten some Valentines and they are ready for mailing and giving.  ♥

This is the last rose of summer..yes, blooming all alone. But captured suns are shimmering within the folds of the petals and fragrance makes a delicate voyage to bees and women.


  1. Really lovely and creative photo!

    Boy, I'm a mean cat mom because I just dump the cats on the floor if they're hanging around when I want to make the bed (which isn't often because they know I'm no fun).

  2. Your Lady is a lucky one!!

    The photo is lovely!


  3. if it is the day before thurs and the day after tues.... it just might be the day in the middle, sandwich day

  4. I usually make the bed around/over the girls. Then later when they decide to get up, I go back and smooth it out. Pretty picture.

  5. Pretty photo. Your kitty must feel like a queen.

  6. We know who rules in your house. :-) Nice phot.

  7. Exciting photo...looks like a rusty metal wall sculpture in some fancy gallery someplace. I rarely make the bed as the cats love burrowing but then mine aren't floofy.