Saturday, February 19, 2011

what a neat day

The youngest son came over early and we headed out with our cameras to a park.  He wanted to experiment with lighting so that was the main purpose in going.  He took 50 or so of me with the use of the light box and remote flash.  He also showed me several good object lessons in perspective and wide angle picture taking. I was lying on the ground, flat.  In the road actually with the camera sitting on the pavement and the lens at 18 mm. The camera was there as it would certainly be steady there. :-)

Here is a picture of an old Maytag at the anti-Q shoppe we went to the other day.  In case you wanted to see.  :-)  AND the jukebox menu of songs in that old jukebox I talked about.


  1. Oh, I do remember that type of washer very well. It was a lot of hard work as I well know. I want to see some of the pics of you your son took.
    I hope you had a wonderful day with your son. You are fortunate to have two of your sons nearby as I am fortunate now to be close to my daughter.

  2. It must be a nice days? waiting for you and your sons new pictures.

  3. Would I be showing my age to say that I remember my mother using a washing machine exactly like that when I was little?

  4. Blessings ....
    sounds like you had a wonderful quality time with your son and a great leasson in photography. Ah I am envious, of the photography lesson that is.

    Have a wonder filled day.

  5. You take a mean photo and I always have liked that...more experience can only make things even better...just how cool is that!

  6. Oh you had a wonderful day speinding time with your son and taking lessons! I would love to see your pictures he took :-) The picture of old Maytag---wow, it loooks really different!

  7. Oh heck, I still remember my mother using a wash board and an old washing machine like the one you photographed. The wringed was the fun part to watch espeacialy when the clothing would not come out of the wringer.

  8. Sounds like a fun day with your son. That washer looks like one I used not too terribly long ago...about 30 years ago. It was mostly because we didn't have a water source where we lived. Hauled 500 gallons at a time to dump into the cistern. Needless to say we conserved water every way we could.