Monday, February 28, 2011

Windy, rainy thundery and lightening-y with a tornado watch.

Now, that's a title.

Had to go to the Dr. today and while I was there, it turned very dark outside so that the street lights came on..and the lights in the Dr. Office quit several times.  I got off the table and saw the darkness and the winds blowing the rain straight across in blinding sheets.  Traffic was extremely slow, needless to say. After the Dr visit I had to go to the drugstore and the pet food store to get Her Majesty her food and my prescription filled.  I treated myself to a Reese's Peanut butter Cup as my reward for going to the Dr. Oh I love those things SO much.  That and a 5th Avenue are my favorite candy.

Her Heineyness got me up for the second morning in a row at 0530.  I think once I get her to her Dr. for her allergy shot she should be better and let me sleep till 0630 or so.

Meanwhile they made me get weighed  where generally she allows me to pass peacefully by.  Shockingly to me, I have not gained an ounce in 5 years.  I gained 18 pounds when I quit smoking and I never lost that 18 pounds.  I still wear the same clothes..just they are more snug than they were. (packed in is probably more truthful) But to me..I eat like a horse..and  every 2 minutes.  But I guess not.  I really did expect a weight gain. I, however, do not insist.

Didn't get on the treadmill this morning because of the Dr appointment and too full now.  Took 2 hours, just over at the Dr. office, then the running around afterward.  Didn't get home till 1345. Ate some of my home made chili  and a little frozen yogurt (see what I mean about eating so much???) and now, I don't want to treadmill.  Too full.  I'll bet that was on purpose.

Look at my Pileated Woodpecker in my dogwood tree Sunday morning. These guys are huge!! He would have flown off if I opened the window or door, so I took it thru the screen and window.  Sometimes you just have to take what you get.


  1. Wish I couls say no weight gain in 5 years. It's up and down here and now down often enough. The treadmill won't go anywhere. It will be staring you in the face tomorrow. There is a woodpecker around here somewhere. Have heard him rarely see him. Nice picture.

  2. It takes me forever to lose 5 lbs., but I'm gettin' there. Cutting out ice cream helps, which is my weakness and anything chocolate.. Good photo of the woodpecker. Glad y'all are ok.

  3. ................headed for the ditch.... looking fer sunflowers to pluck. Hum.... the sunflower field may yield more, then to find a paper envelope to fit em into.

    Glad to see that you experienced no storm damage.

  4. Great photo of the Woodpecker, is that a powerline going through the trees?. If it is you may have some powerline problems and maybe fire. Hope not. Here they trim the trees to keep away from the powerlines.

  5.'s an optical illusion..the lines are out by the street and the tree is limbed. But still good advice except the City already did it.

  6. My weight goes up and down I'm currently up,
    Not a lot but enough to bother me 4.5 pounds.
    If I don't play golf then I can do detox for a weeks:-)
    At present time I just have concertrate on staing healthy.
    The woodpeecker's photos is very nice even thru
    the screen and windows...Is that your camera or your technicality?
    you must be happy with after seen the Dr?
    You ate so much...
    Enjoy your day,

  7. Reese's peanut butter cups are fabulous. Love them!

    I'm not going to get into weight. I certainly can't say *I* haven't gained an ounce in 5 years. LOL.

    "Sometimes you just have to take what you get."

    That about sums up all of life. :-/

  8. I think you must have been the recipient of the storm we had last night. Terrific lightning and thunder and 2 inches of rain.
    I always reward myself too after I have been to the doctor. Before I moved that was stopping at Cheddars now it is Grumpy Petes.

  9. I got the old 5:30 A.M wake-up call via a tornado siren. No tornado, but lots of wind and rain.

    of course, I was up for the day!

  10. SO glad you are alright. I watched the radar and was SO worried about you and all those trees. It took hubby a long time to get rid of the 20 lbs he gained when he quit smoking. I love peanutbutter cups!

  11. I watched the reports on those storms...yikes! It seems kind of early for the tornado season to kick in but then again I suppose not all years are the same. It's cold around here in the St. Paul area but it sounds like things are moderating at home and since we're now homeward bound that's a relief. We will check out the Mall of America today but I'm thinking of you my to the weight thing...don't even get me started...ugh! Bless you.

  12. I think I must be the only person in the world who detests peanut butter cups...hate them! My fav is crunch bars and them! I don't think I've ever seen a woodpecker that big. He sure is pretty tho.
    Glad the storm went by w/o much damage to you. I hear several were not as lucky.
    Well have a good day gf!

  13. Yup I like peanut butter cups along with Hersheys with alomonds, Almond Joys and Mounds. I will have one on a rare occasion. Nice weather here. I went to the doctor last week and I was 4 pounds lighter than my last check up. Hence I stay away from the above sweets.

  14. Reese's Cups are pretty yummy...rarely turn them down. Or perhaps I should say never turn them down. :)
    That's a good picture of the woodpecker. They are large birds. I hear them a lot more often than I see them. I won't discuss the weight issue...

  15. Stoped by to feed the fish, and my goodness they were hungry, almost took my fingers off. Have a great evening.