Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Almost Thursday but still Wednesday (I'm being silly)

My glutes are killin' me.  It's from making my way across the entire front of the house and a little of the side, and toting bins of weeds.  Bending over on your knees works the glutes and why that continually surprises me I have no idea.

I will be duck walking thru the upper flower bed soon as the ol' glutes calm down and then, my inner thighs will be asking for a little mercy the next day.  That always surprises me too because my legs are muscular and so are the glutes. Oh well.

I paid 16 dollars for a container of Preen today and I have already sprinkled it into the flower beds I weeded.  Now..we will see if it does any good.  I hope rain doesn't affect it.

I have the small furred Mrs. here on the desk taking up a lot of room, and she's snoring.  That is the cutest sound.  I had to use my left hand for any mouse work as she was laying on the pad and the top of my hand which was holding the mouse.  I didn't disturb her and just slipped the mouse out to my left hand.  AWKWARD!!

See you soon..already been around some.


  1. Rest up Twin, Rome wasn't built in a day!


  2. You are very good mum in whole the world Sis!
    Miss Cats is lucky cats that she have very thoughtful mum:-)
    hope you don't get rain tomorrow...
    you have a easy time and no more gardening.
    Take easy time.

  3. Lots of work ya did. Yes, let us know how that Preen does.

  4. I hurt just reading this, lol. I'll bet it looks read nice though. Such a lucky lady She is to have her nap undisturbed.

  5. OMG,Carole, my brain must be fried, I had to read this twice over and finally realised you were talking about the MOUSE, for the Laptop thingy, NOT mouse as in live squeaky thingys which go after cheese! ... Hope your glutes calm down and give you mercy soon!! x Pen and her Maj x

  6. Sounds like you have your exercise then the stretches thanks to Furry Miss! It's doing a grudging warm up here...Easter is supposed to be in the sixties...keep throwing your rocks! We found out yesterday that we will be leaving to Ireland...spend most of May there! I'm wired! Have a great day!

  7. I wish a Happy Easter to you and your family.
    As usual overcast a gray color of skiers.
    hope you have a beautiful sunny day.
    xoxoxo Sis, Miyuki, Miss Catts, Victoria.

  8. Dont over do it and end up hurting for days.
    I love the sound of the cats snoring, it is a cute noise they make and then they look so peaceful also.Its hard not to pick them up and love on them.
    enjoy your weekend.

  9. Sorry you're sore, but then again it means you got a good workout, so... :)
    My Snickers snores, not loudly, just enough I'm aware of it...always makes me smile.
    Garry's response to your quote was, 'Yikes!'. He's so used to doing his own work on things, that never considered it would be that much. But, what else can you do?

  10. “…bending over on your knees …”,
    “…my inner thighs will be asking for a little mercy the next day…”
    I was starting to think that you need to have a XXX rating on your page. Bwahahaha!

  11. I think that there is an old saying ‘no pain…no gain’. I have quite often questioned this myself but for the most part, it seems to be true. Here’s hoping that after a little R & R, you won’t be feeling so sore and achy. No doubt ... job well done!