Friday, April 15, 2011


It's no longer warm and is cold and rainy. That is about right for April. Tax day by golly!

I am waiting for an insulator to come and give me an estimate for installing installation again under the house. It's falling down and that started when the water heater leaked all its water out under the house. $$$ I'm sure. I guess this is just part of it.

I was hardly home and when I was, we were busy with graph paper taking measurements and getting the living room squared away for the great change the furniture around day. :-) Also, finally got the cat her steroid meds and she has had 2 doses in as many days. Maybe she will be on her way to feeling more like she should be. She sure is eating! I finally have it in a form that she can use, not vile nasty liquids.

I am looking for a light kit to attach to the ceiling fan in the living room. I have rarely seen so many ugly candidates. I want a globe..not the fanned out 3 glass globe thingy. I want one "bowl"- like globe. EW-GLEE. I even want on line. More ew-glee. May have to settle for ew-glee.

Miss Catt aka the Admiral has a boy friend. They have a long distance relationship.


  1. A rainy day here too, as usual as of late. I have a ceiling fan in my house that has the round globe. It was here when I moved in, so it's pretty old. Don't use it much because it's too high for me to change the bulb. I hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. Hope you find the globe. Hate Ew-glee. Now who it that good looking devil with Her Ladyship? Hope the meds. get her back on track. Read a t-shirt that said "It's my cat's world, I'm just here to open cans." Thought of you two immediately. lol Have a three light on on ours.

  3. AWWWW!! Miss Catt and her boyfriend are so cute!!
    I hope the insulator gives you a good price and can be done soon.


  4. Glad to hear Ms Catt is eating better. Ew-glee lights, there's alot of em out there.

  5. Some pretty clever photoshopping! Or else that's not a long distance relationship. Hmmmph. I am feeling cast off. Though I know the Admiral is a bit "generous" with being willing to have MANY suitors.

    Love Terry's T-shirt!

  6. Miss Catt has a very handsome boyfriend! Sorry we aren't close enough for Garry and Darryl to fix your insulation for just cost of materials. They'd do a good job, too.

  7. Love that picture! I'm sure the MISS is more than mature enough to handle such a thing!

  8. Oh my God! she has a younger boy friends...
    I hope not too much for her Sis..don't get wrongly idea LOL! I meant Miss catt has quiet nature though she might wonted be alone sometimes?
    Hope your insulation fix quickly and no more fixing business:-)
    Have a good night sleep tonight.
    xoxox to Sis, Miss Catt, Miyuki,Victoria>3.

  9. Hi Sis!
    I read your comments at Happy Burwood lady.
    I really enjoyed and can't stopping laughing what you says:-)
    It was good you having a good time with your friend ate what you feel like to eat:-)
    You have has a hectic years why not enjoy yourself Sis!

  10. As a homeowner, it almost feels like home repairs are endless, there's always something that needs fixing or replacing. Uuugh! Here's hoping that you won't have to dig too deep into your pockets for your latest repairs.
    Long distance relationship eh? Here's hoping that you have a good long distance service provider for those late night purrrrrrs!

  11. Love what Terry said about the T-Shirt, bout the size of it too. I hope your estimates are good ones. This is a cute picture of the Admiral and her beau.