Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Monday

I am hoping to get the new dining set today.  The small straw boss that lives here got me up particularly early and that's OK.  I will be dressed and ready when the furniture arrives.

I saw a "recipe" for making scrambled eggs in a coffee cup and I swear, it is fun and gives me a break from my usual routine.  One sprays the inside of the cup very lightly with a mist of cooking spray--crack 2 eggs into the cup, whip them with a fork for a few strokes to get the eggs mixed--add 2 Tablespoons milk and combine that with the eggs, cover, put in microwave 45 seconds.  Take out, stir (that breaks up the partially cooked eggs) put back in for an additional 30 seconds.  Take out, stir again, add shredded cheese salt and pepper.  I add bacon pieces too.  DEElicious! That is just what went down the stomach tube..and is going round round round the system too, as I write.

Give it a try.  Lazy mans way..hardly any clean up and nutritious besides. One could always have a couple of pieces of buttered toast standing by but I never think of it in time.

Have a good day.  Love on someone and be kind.  You'll make someone's day!


  1. I bet your just pacing, waiting for the table. I know I would be listening for every vehicle that goes down the street.

    Now that sounds like my kind of breakfast. I think I've heard of it before and then 'old-timers' set in and forgot all about it.

  2. Your breakfast sounds good. I haven't had mine yet. I will remember how to do that.
    I am waiting impatiently to see a picture of the table.


  3. The breakfast does sound yummy! I imagine I could make a mess of it, though, somehow. LOL. Great in the kitchen I am not!

    I hope the furniture delivery is on time! :-)

  4. Mom just tried it! The eggs were light and fluffy and really good.

    Enjoy your new furniture.

  5. Yippy! new furniture!
    Haven't tried those eggs but always wanted to :)
    You have a great day also!

  6. I can't remember the last time I made my own breakfast but that does sound interesting. We have five to feed so I'm not sure how that would work out. We get a bright point in the weather today with it being in the mid sixties...woohoo! I think your rock throwing helped!

  7. egg in da cup.... good idea.... now gotta go find me a chicken that lays in coffee cup

    Sitting here watching your globe spin, it has shown me in three different towns, none within 50 miles of where I domicile.

  8. I found something similar in a microwave cookbook years ago. If you use paper or styrofoam cups (depending on how eco-friendly you are trying to be), all you have to clean is the silverware! The Straw Boss ! LOL!

  9. I never hear that scrambled eggs in a coffee cup..
    It must be Americans ways:-)
    Have a great day for you and Miss cat.

  10. I'm giving ye old scrambled eggs in a cup then in a microwave then stirred and back in the microwave trick a shot in the morning. Do I set the micro on high? Will I be scraping burnt egg off the inside if I do? And finally, what is the capitol of Bolivia?

  11. Thanks for stopping by. Finally got out of my partial-funk.
    I've been fixing eggs that way for years....sometimes, if it's available, I'll add country ham sliced up real thin.

  12. I love easy recipes and this sounds so good.

  13. I used to fix eggs in the microwave...was an easy and fast lunch for me. Now I don't have a microwave. We let ours go with our house in IL, when we sold it, and have never felt the need to replace.