Monday, April 18, 2011

Now that is perfume!

How can I forget from year to year the heady fragrance of fresh potting dirt? Oh that smell was enough to make me just stand there and enjoy it. I was going to put some sunflower seeds (I did do that) into small peat pots to get them started before taking and planting them by the fence. But that just makes all your cares and woes recede.

I decided to put a light weight stick out there by the hummingbird feeder for them to stand on. They are here. I put out the nectar I make them 2 weeks ago. Jackpot!

I know I said it in WP blog yesterday and may have said it in this one too but I am still cautiously optimistic for the cat. I think her pill to make her eat ran out, as it were, and the steroids are helping her feel hungrier. I think. A few more days will tell me. She's being a pretty good girl about having her other ear used for the cream. Now both ears are used for 2 different meds.

I complained to a frozen food entree maker about the very odd taste of the baked chicken entree. I tried it 5 times..every time it tasted "off". They were most kind and sent coupons. I won't use them on that particular meal. But they paid attention and were nice about it. Would not be fair to name them here.

OK. I am busting wide open from too many Cheerios. See you later.


  1. I planted seeds today too in little cups. I couldn't smell anything but got my hands dirty. ;-)
    No hummers at the nector here yet. Unless I missed them. I'm hoping the feline gets better.

  2. I can only imagine how wonderful the potting soil smelled!

    We all have our fingers (and paws) crossed for the Admiral, you know that!


  3. Weather here not cooperating at all for any kind of spring doings. Grr.

  4. Mmm, I love the smell of dirt!
    I transplanted a bunch of my houseplants and was very happy to fill my tiny place with the smell & get may hands dirty :D

  5. I miss having a garden so much. Grow something for me please.
    Hugs for you and her.


  6. My growing here this year will be in a pot for sure and not sure just when the plants will be in the stores for purchase.. too cold here I am afraid. Good luck!! : )

  7. It is time for gardening that is good for you Sis.
    I know you have worry about Miss cats but lets hope this time she will get better....
    Enjoy your day.
    Have a good night sleep Sis,
    Xoxoxo Miyuki, Victoria.

  8. Our first hummers were here on the 9th...made me glad I'd put the feeder out early.
    It's nice to know some companies do try to make things right. Hope whatever you use your coupons for will be much better than the chicken.