Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh goodness, what a great day

Mid 70's and sunny.  The first lawn mowing of my season.  Smells great out there, looks great.  Doors all open today when I was ever here.  Me and Victoria (camera) went out and we got some RED Dogwoods.  I took the white one you see in my header yesterday.  Today I got me a red one.  I haven't bothered with the pink yet. We are about to have our annual Dogwood Arts Festival.  All the gorgeous routes with varieties of Dogwood are pain ted in pink lines and petal on the streets for tourists to follow to be guided thru neighborhood beauty.

It will hit 88 on Sunday so they say BUT that will be about it.  We go back to seasonal temps after that.

I also got some lilac pictures but..I haven't bothered with them yet.  I may not.

I've been around and you guys have all updated.  :-)   ♥


  1. Oh, sounds glorious! It was about 50 here, and even that was a treat, because it wasn't windy.
    What is a RED dogwood like? We know white and pink.

  2. That's awesome Carole, looks like you have tons of things happening in your city. We still have 2 feet of snow to melt before anything starts to grow around here. It is sure nice to see the sun and warmer temps around here, feels good.

  3. It got up to 51 here today but I have hopes for a better day tomorrow. I love lilacs so please post a pic. Also dogwoods, they are so beautiful.

  4. Your Header is Beautiful~
    We had the chance to buy a Red (as the cats say.....) Catwood. But I wanted something with a little height. Plus next door to us already has 2 whites, and I haven't seen a Pink in a long time. For some odd reason everyone seems to have White ???? Your Dogwood Festival must be Pretty~ Would love to see the Lilacs, just Adore Lilacs ;~)
    Have a Great Weekend ~
    *Hugs* Angel

  5. I'm glad you're getting some good's been awful here...another winter weather advisory...likely the last of the season. That is a glorious photo you've got at the top of your page! I hope to see that someday! LOL! Anyway, enjoy it all!

  6. Sorry Sis! I'm so busy with played golf today I left home 7.00am then come home 16.00 pm.
    It was 26c I have has a good time with my Japanese golf friends. they says hello to you Sis:-)
    Next time will be around June until that I'll be
    play with Australian ladies..
    Thank you Miss Catt that you like to me says I love you:-)

    The Dogwoods photo is very pretty though I must visit your Flicker place...

    I have very busy this weekend,
    Enjoy your weekend with your loved ones,

  7. geez, i thought that pic was from last year-
    Everything here is still tight buds :(

  8. What a lovely walking tour that must be! I adore dogwoods and think even after they flower, the leaves are so prettily shaped, too. I don't mind no grass to mow here though...It was lovely on Tues/Wed/Thurs here but cold and rainy today.

  9. What a lovely walk that must have been. The picture is awesome.