Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Redneck Day

It was Redneck Day but when I was waiting in the parking lot to go into the Redneck room, a woman friend and I were talking and she said let's skip this today and go to Applebees. That's what we did!

So, no hootin' and no hollerin' for us today at the RedNeck Room. After a nice hour there we headed off to Knoxville and went furniture shopping. It's for me mostly as I am looking for a rectangular table with just four chairs that will make a smaller "footprint" in the house. I don't have a dining room and I don't have an eat-in kitchen, hence as with most homes in this subdivision that were built in the 50's, one has to eat in the large living room at an area you set up to one side as the "dining area". There aren't a blumillion people dining here nowadays so a smaller table is in order mostly because I hate the one I have AND I am moving furniture around after a squillion years for a better look to the room. One reason why the treadmill is in ere now and not in the living room.

I think I found something that will do. I'll have to go all the way back and pay for it but first I need to call the ecumenical council and see if they want this maple (hate that color..why oh WHY did I ever BUY this round monstrosity??? WHY??) table and remove it. I want to donate it to folks who have had a fire, down on their luck..anyone who needs an excellent and pretty (but not to me) (WHY!!?? did I buy it!) and when I find someone like that to donate it to, I will and get the new table. Here is the table, at least the top, that I will give away. (won't sell as I do NOT want my phone numbers in public places.)



  1. It's a lovely-looking table, would perk up with different chairs, IMO. :-)

    But I understand about needing something smaller -- these townhouses don't have eat-in kitchens, either, or dining rooms. Just a small open living/dining area. Good thing I don't cook or have folks over to dine. Ha.

    I'll look forward to see a pic of the new table!

    BTW, donating your old one is a great idea. I don't sell my stuff, I've always donated it. I believe in passing things on, rather than trying to make money off everything. Hmm, maybe that's why I have a tight budget. LOL. No matter! Good luck!

  2. Beautiful table, but if you want something different, you want something different. Would buy it from you if I were closer by. But love the idea of donating it to someone who needs it. Take care.

  3. It is a lovely table Twin. I wish I had a smaller table but I was glad for the one I have last Sunday. However that doesn't happen very often here and space is at a premium for me too.

  4. A lovely table Sis. I have a round table in my kitten it can extend to rectangular table made from the hard wood.
    When I moving to this house I bought for specially for my grandchildren so I don't worry about any damage:-)
    We have a beautiful autumn weather for next few days.
    Hope you have a nice day with your sweet bossy:-)

  5. Yeah I'm due for some new furniture, specifically a bed room set.
    Redneck Day? Please explain to this Yankee?

  6. Sounds like you had, yet another lovely day, Carole. I am sure someone will be very happy to have your table.
    Love your header, What a beautiful picture of blossoms.You are way ahead of us here. I did notice some green lily leaves poking through this morning. Won't be long now. Just need some warm sunny days. It is suppose to get up around 52 degrees tomorrow. I'll take it. Word has it we are in for a cool Spring, and a hot summer.
    Well you take care and good luck with your tables.
    xx's Dianne :)

  7. I agree about round tables-they take up way too much room!
    Oh those dogwood flowers are beautiful!

  8. I have a dining room but it's not large enough for me. We are really cramped when we have all the family for Thanksgiving.