Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday and sorta Sunday

I'm sleepy as I got to bed later due to my boy being home and talking to him plus...the 4 footed Mrs. got me up early.  So, off to bed here in a few minutes.  Just stopping to say hello.

It rained like a waterfall all night but this morning dawned sunny and chilly.  It did get to 63 degrees.  Can't complain.  The wind is 30-40 knots.

I did hurt my back a little bit helping the electrician get that heavy treadmill in here and out of the living room.  He volunteered to move it.  No way I could just stand there and let him try to get the cussed thing thru the computer room door when it was hard to make the turn into the room.  Owie.  But it was worth it.  I'll get over it soon.

I have to get my weights out of my her basket though. I piled them in there to get them out of the way of our feet.If I know what's good for me, I will free up that basket again.

Having the electrician back Monday early to help me with this UPS down on the floor.  As I have no laptop that runs on battery, I need a source to keep me up long enough to shut down my computer in an orderly fashion when severe weather comes.

See ya.  I have been looking to see who updated.  This is sunrise way early off my deck.


  1. The sunrise photo is absolutely gorgeous. What a wonderful view you have.
    You and Erich are welcome to come for supper tomorrow night. I will be expecting you both.


  2. Sleep well Carole, and have a wonderful Sunday. Hope your back is better soon.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful sunrise. What a treat to be able to witness such beautiful sunrises right off your deck.
    xoxo Dianne :)

  3. I ♥♥ the color thought the trees. Just stunning. I have missed some amazing skys here . So it goes. Im not driving right now or leaving the house for awhile so Im loving your view Carole. So very very Beautfiul.
    Dont life anything like that . Its not worth it. Im having some injurys come up . Pulled musles in an arm and my chest trying to use a stapler. Gessh we women. Your going to hurt yourself. I havent been on my treadmill for awhile or lifted my little weights . I will be back on my treadmill. I get rechecked on Wednesday so Bob will have to drive me in until I get a new car or truck. I cant drive his. Its too big.
    Anyways thanks for stopping .
    From your ♥♥ Sister and all the Big and little cats.

  4. Oh my look at the time on mine and on Diannes. Too funny

  5. Thank you for coming all the ways to asked me about the weather:-) Sis! I have has enough of these funny weather BUT sometime has nice ones.
    Today and tomorrow will be 12c-18c about 55F-65F. I has been heating on today, without sun and chilly that I don't enjoyed very much.
    We finished off the day light serving last night.
    At present time I don't feel like plant any thing in my garden.
    Have a good rest this weekend,
    Please give a big kiss and hugs from me to Miss Catt, Miyuki, Victoria.

  6. Sleep well. Take care with your back. Such a beautiful view you have.

  7. My gosh this has been a dreary weekend for us weather-wise. The good news is my MIL did make it back to the Philippines which is a blessing for all of us. I'm going to start reposting our pictures from Japan starting with the next blog since that's where our hearts have been lately. Have a great day my friend...go easy with your back.

  8. What is that bright thing on the horizon? Take good care of that back. It's amazing how easy it is to do some real damage to it.

  9. Well I hope you got a good night's sleep and I bet that basket is all ready for the Royal Lady. Take it easy on the back.