Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday...never changed from that. :-)

One of my sons was here a few hours and helped me with some more smaller things I needed help with on my new computer and operating system. That was kind and..we got to go to lunch at Applebees. You know me..chicken fingers all the way.

Hotter than who dunnit today. High 80's and it is in the house too. I finally turned on a couple ceiling fans to help. Not going to turn on a/c this soon.

I have a concern about Comcast and no way to resolve it I don't think. I'll have to think it over I suppose.

I have photo of a brand new lilac bush bloom for my Twin, Beth Marie. I also have two new adorable pics up in here. I will take a picture tomorrow. I have no dining set as the Ecumenical House came and got it. Hopefully the new one will be here Monday.

Hope you guys are having pleasant weather. Joe, I am going to throw a rock at your skies if your horrible weather keeps up!



  1. The lilac is gorgeous, The color is beautiful. Thank you for posting it for me Twin.
    It was warm and sunny here today too.

  2. Oh what a stunning header you have also. Lilac guess I won't be seeing them for awhile. Take to my neighbor hup North and we still have a foot of snow on the ground. Well should be back there by the end of the week. Heard it's melting fast. I hope it doesn't melt to fast. I want a break from all the outdoor work and get a chance to settle inside first and also catch up with all my wonderful friends here. Also congratulation on the photo you had picked that you mentioned on a few previous blogs. I so wish I had the time to get envolved in stuff like that. Somedayyyy..... Hugs and Happy Spring Carrie

  3. You're a bit ahead of us here in the northeast in the blooming department though there are some yellow flowers blooming on the side yard. Yellow flowers? Sorry I didnt mean to get so technical.

  4. The lilac is beautiful. Mine is just starting to open. Will try to take a picture tomorrow.
    We saw our first hummingbirds today!! How's that for excitement. I was so thrilled to see them...2 or 3 males so far.

  5. Carole, you're welcome to throw rocks! LOL! It never got out of the forties today but sixties are supposed to be coming...blech! I heard Iowa got big tornadoes tonight so I guess it could be much worse! I've not had time to mess on the MacBook much but so far I don't see it as being all that difficult to navigate...hope things get easier for you in that my friend. Have a good night!

  6. Oh, I love Lilacs. Along with roses they are one of my favs.

    Hope you get Comcast straightened out. Like Charter here, they need a good 'kick' sometimes.

  7. Just stopping by to adore your flowers once more. Have a great night Carole.