Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday...never changed from that. :-)

It is extremely windy and gray. Faint sprinkles hitting occasionally. Not enough I don't think to disturb the University's annual Orange and White game. The oldest went to that game this afternoon (football) ..the other two are on their way to AZ for a week, and points farther west than that. Spring break. Usually they leave the Country but these past few years they have been unable due to a family constraint there. Maybe soon.
I got a rather unsatisfactory rose picture this morning. Despite the total gray overcast..NO sun..the color was so brilliant as to be "blown out" hence I had to stop down the intensity. I will put it here but I am going to go back on a sunny day (unusual for me to do as that usually REALLY blows them out) and see if I can do any better. Obviously I had my aperture wrongly set. That'll teach me.
The furred member of the family is eating well but still torqued that she was hauled off a few days ago, hence she is spending time under the bed needlessly. But I guess that makes her feel in control. I did just get to brush her and I got her medicine onto her ear.
See you soon. XOXOX


  1. I think the rose is lovely! I do wish you would move the fishies down lower as they strike my glasses in the tri-focal and it gives me a start every time. LOL'I an glad Miss Catt is eating better.

  2. I thin the rose is lovely too. Nice for Miss Catt. Darla got me some roses from the Lions 2 weeks ago and they are still looking great. They usually die in a little over a week.

  3. cloudy days create a color saturation that is lost in the sun

    so many get wrapped up in sunny days they lose sight of the color on overcast days.

  4. Your eyes are became totally pro phoography:-)
    but we think a beatiful roses.
    We have cold foggy this morning but it will be nice this afternoon.
    We had an earthquake at north Queensland yesterday,we got everything this years hopefully nomore natural disasters for the future.
    thinking of Miss catts .....
    Enjoy your day,
    xoxoxox To my dear Sis, Miss Catt, Miyuki, Victoria,

  5. That truly is a brilliant photo of the roses. I think you certainly did a great job behind the lens on this snapshot.
    I am kind of curious to know exactly what you keep under your bed that keeps your four legged furry friend going there. :)

  6. Julie says..a pretty rose is just what the doctor ordered on this dreary, rainy day here. The dogwood brings spring into my heart, too, so thank you for that!

    Maybe the Admiral is finally sailing her imaginary ship from under the bed!

    Julie & Tom

  7. It all went gray for us today too...I think that of all the lousy things about the weather right now that is one of my least favorite things...I'm solar powered I tell ya! It seems nature didn't get that memo! Seeing the mess in North Carolina yesterday I truly have nothing to complain about...good heavens! I still like your rose picture though I can sympathize with uncooperative lighting. Have a great day Carole!

  8. Love your Rose . What a beauty.
    The sun is shinning here again and I sat outside and walked around by the snow for awhile. Hope to drive tomorrow. I have my truck.
    A Ridgeline. She is beautiful. :)

  9. Your dogwood is beautiful...we only have white ones around our house. And the gorgeous!
    Glad your Miss Catt is eating better. I know that's a relief for you.