Tuesday, April 5, 2011

That was no fun at all

Here I am after a 13 hr. long power outage.  The power went out at 6 last night..back at 7 this  morning. Then, the cable was still out so no TV, Internet or telephone signal until 9 this morning.  Been a rough one.  Tornado just west of here and severe storms with high winds (70 mph) thru here.  We are all surrounded by trees 100 feet tall in our neighborhood (and less) and as always, someone got nailed.  The house 2 doors up was cut in two by one of the big ones falling on the house.  Right across the street, 2 doors up as well there were torn limbs hanging on my the bark.  

The cat and I were in total darkness so even with the oil lamp, we headed to bed at 9 PM.  Hard to sleep solidly through, though the cat didn't say anything.  Just I am used to the sleep sound machine with white noise.  It was silent and of corse, black as pitch.  We got up at 6..I headed to McDonalds to get coffee and a biscuit.  

Now there is sun.  Got mighty cold in the house.  Well, not mighty.  It was 64.  But that was chilly.  Glad when the power was restored.  

See you in a bit...


  1. Oh, scary, scary, scary! Glad you're okay, but hope the neighbour's, whose house was cut in two, are okay!

  2. Hey Carole, wanna trade? I've got some 45 degree weather that I'll sell cheap...you can keep the power outage though...ugh, I hate that! I'm glad you remained safe with house undamaged. We remain very leery of the weather this year...people are still repairing their roofs after the large hail and tornado almost a year ago. Bless you, stay safe!

  3. Thank heaven you are OK. The tornadoes missed us I am thankful to say.
    Somebody upstairs was looking out for the two of you.
    I just glanced up and saw the fishies swimming around and for a minute I thought it was a bug. I almost had a heart attack. LOL


  4. Oh goodness we are glad you both are well.
    We had those storms come through around 5:30-6 AM this morning. The NOAA weather alarm went off several times. I saw (and heard) the lightening and thunder. We were lucky not much wind damage, but on the local news several homes in Jacksonville FL got nailed with trees coming into their rooflines and damaging the houses.
    I dislike spring and summer because of all the storms that come in....I really prefer winter...it may be cold but we don't have massive tornado warnings...and things like power outages.


  5. eep! what a frightening night! :(

  6. Glad you made it through okay. There was a lot of straight line wind damage a couple counties north of us but we barely got anything here. The wind is up, temps are way down (about a 40 degree drop since yesterday) and scattered snow showers blowing horizontally this afternoon. It's not sticking as far as I know but, then again, it's blowing so hard it's probably not hitting the ground until Richmond!

  7. Hi Carole, Glad to hear you are okay. Sorry to hear about your neighbor, and others who weren't so fortunate. Stay safe, and hope the rest of your week is good.
    xox Dianne :)

  8. Glad you both are ok! Tornadoes scare the P outta me! Here's a little consolation for you, You could be in Jersey, it's 37 degrees...... Feel any Warmer yet?.... lol
    Glad it's all over except for your "Punishment"
    Angel ~

  9. Carole, Glad to here you and the Admiral are ok.

  10. So glad you and Admiral are okay poor things it must be frightened that happened with storm and out of the power etc.
    Please take care,
    xoxoxo Miyuki, Miss Catt, Victoria.

  11. I sure am glad you two are okay even though you were in the dark. I really feel for those people who house was hit. Mother Nature sure can cause havoc.