Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday- The Waiting Game

Seems I have to take the cat to the vet every 7 days..and that time has come and gone so she must go.  She needs a blood test to see if any of the medicine that she is having via transdermal gel is even getting into her blood stream.  If not, we have some serious talking and thinking to do.

I am ready as I have to take advantage of the opportunity when it presents.  In this case her new soft sided carrier is up ended in the shower/tub and the curtain closed mostly so that when she goes into the bathroom later to drink, I will shut the door and try to get her into her carrier.  Always traumatic for both of us.

IN other news :-) while we didn't have tornadoes in this immediate area, there were straight line winds and they really did a bad number in Knoxville, a few miles to the southwest of me.  Here, we just had  high winds and it scary for a while as my home is surrounded by tall TALL trees.  But not like Knoxville had.  And poor Arkansas and Missouri..man!

See you in a while..already been to some of you.


  1. With one grown up kid in Knoxville and the other in Missouri, this has not been a good week!

    god luck with the Admiral to the Vet.

  2. Glad you two are okay. Hope everything goes well at the vet.

  3. Good Luck Carole, and I do hope there's good news from all this much needed effort. Today Bess's appetite is hardly there, no interest at all. I'm waiting to see is she'll try some salmon I'm defrosting, in a last ditch effort. BUT I'm beside myself at the mo, and having to stop myself trying to force feed her in panic. Strewth,I am such a baby, red eyes and fish smelling fingers just don't make for a fetching ensemble. Take care you, and my fingers (fish smelling ones too) are crossed that it not too traumatic getting her into her carrier. xPen and her (stubborn) Maj x

  4. Sorry that the time for another trauma with the vet, I hope it turns out. I did hear that the bad weather has been in those parts but I'm thankful you've been fine thus far. I posted a few more tornado videos that some storms chasers had and it still makes me think that tornadoes are a visitor from another realm. It's quite cold here again...time to start throwing some Easter eggs again or something...sigh.

  5. I hope that the trip to the vet goes smoothly. I know that this is very hard on you both and I am so sorry.


  6. P.S. The new header pic is beautiful. What is it?

  7. I've heared of all tornado's down your way, glad they didn't affect you. We had a catagory 5 tornado in the late 80's. It caused a large amount of damage, thank heavens we don't get them very often, here in Alberta.

  8. I hope you don't have to have that serious conversation. Sending good vibes!

  9. Hope things go well with the vet, Carole. Two funnel clouds were spotter nearby yesterday evening but neither touched down. I was telling THE BOSS how much I hated tornadoes when I was stationed in Arkansas and woke up this morning and read that the little town (Vilonia) near my primary alert site when I was in the Air Force was all but wiped out last night!

  10. Blessings and good luck with your cat. I hope with it is good news all the way.

  11. I hate trying to corner my cat to get her to the vet. I have to take her every two or weeks or so and it is always a battle.

  12. Sorry you both must have headache from this nuisance news that every seven days you needed go to the V-E-T.

    I'm glad you both are okay and without damage
    your home.

    I sent email to you on 22th April but today come back here, I noticed since you have new computer some reason all them back in here.
    some were just jokes).
    take care,
    xoxox to Sis, Miss Cats, Victoria.