Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I wonder if anyone besides Simba tried the egg in a coffee cup?  It needs a 12 oz cup or at least 10 oz.  in size...and you do microwave on HIGH.  Someone asked..I forgot to say.  I put a little bacon in..Dave said something about ham..it's all good and a filling breakfast.

Comcast man has come and gone.  Did a great job and cleaned up a cord mess outside of the house that one man failed to do.  I appreciated that very much.  So I now have a connection on the other side of the room and all ahead stop till someone can help me get the TV and peripherals across the room and connected.  That will be awhile.  :-(

I called a company that does insulation as I discovered that my insulation under the house is falling from between the rafters..joists, whatever those boards are.  So here we go..more expense.  That's what happens when you have a home.  You have to maintain it.

I did get the new table.  I will put in a picture of the marble in the center.  I'm getting used to higher backed chairs.  I don't think I realized how high they were.  But I do now.  :-)


  1. Oh that is Pretty!!!
    and I love the pic of your kitty playing on her place :)
    Glad you have your cable moved & cleaned up.
    I tried to make hardboiled eggs before I was awake this morning & had to throw them away-what a disaster!

  2. What a unique table!

    the Mom did put some Glad wrap over the cup in the microwave, just in case. Also, instead of spraying the cup, she put a little Smart Balance in it, melted for 5 min in the microwave. YUM!

  3. We biggifed...NICE table!

    The mom hasn't tried the egg in the microwave yet, figured she didn't have a large enough mug! :-D

    -Fuzzy Tales

  4. Just beautiful!!! Good choice, I am sure you will love it. I do tend to forget what it takes to maintain a home. I will bear that in mind when I get ready to house hunt.


  5. What a great looking table. Looking around sure does pay off. I have 2 Charter hookups in the living room, but one is the tv and the other the wi-fi.

  6. I was hoping to see the table..nice looking and maybe the sdmiral will somehow get used to it eventually. Will try that egg idea.. I already make poached ones in the micro.. why not scrambled! Take care Sis.. :-)

  7. Nice pics. I am glad our technician was able to resolve the problem. Feel free to contact me if you need further assistance. I work for Comcast.

    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  8. Your new table is so pretty!

  9. Quite the table Carole! Wow!

  10. Now I know why I got back message from comcast...
    A beautiful table! Does Miss Cats like too?
    You might like to read about old my dogs 'Anson"
    at my Wordpress?

  11. Your table is beautiful! I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

  12. Wow! Love the Table :~)It's Beautiful~
    Good Luck with it, I'm sure you will be happy with it :~)
    Th egg thing sounds interesting,,, anything that makes life easier .....lol

    You and Sweet Little Miss Bossy Have a Great weekend ~