Friday, April 22, 2011

The Weekend is Here

The weekend is here and as it is Good Friday my oldest is not at work.  So he is here already and we are having BBQ'd chicken for supper.  But it has been ages since I had mashed potatoes so we'll have those too.  A sit down dinner as opposed to outside.

Supposed to be nice Saturday and Sunday.  But not today.  My Twin sent her loathsome rain here!!! Just for that I will have pods from her old bean tree shipped over and sent to her address!

Miss Catt or the Admiral is quite involved in Twitter and she is supposed to go to a big weekend "pawty" this weekend and her best kitty furriend on Twitter, Mariodacat, made her a beautiful suit to wear.  She is going to get herself ready in a minute.  That photo of her in her purple suit will be her avatar. :-)))

Electrician will be here soon.  He is going to install the light kit I bought onto the living room fan.  Can't wait.

xoxo  Happy Easter on Sunday.  Remember the reason, please. ♥


  1. I still have the loathsome rain. It has thunderstormed all day.
    What part of the chicken does Erich like? I don't relish having my hand stuck. :-)

  2. Have a wonderful Easter!

    Yes, more "modern" Christian traditions were built on Pagan traditions of rebirth...So I'm certainly remembering *my* reason for the holiday. LOL.

    Universal Peace and Blessings.

  3. Man, i always seem to leave here hungry! Haven;t had BBQ chicken in ages so I guess I'll just have to add that to the menu for next week. Hope you have a fine Easter.

    P.S. I won't tell anyone about the cat in the purple suit, No sense risking involuntary commitment!

  4. You do have a tendency to make me hungry as well and with our awful weather I'm not yet sure what I will be looking at for an Easter meal but I somewhat doubt it will be barbecue...more's the pity! Thank God for the real reason for the season! Bless you my friend.

  5. Happy Easter to you , sounds like Miss Cat will be very busy this weekend , boy she has become quite the social butterfly !!!!

  6. You have a enjoy day with your son's.
    Today we having about 20c just alright thought
    we all family are going to picnic at the Botanic garden. Poor gypsy stayed home....
    My daughter in low's cooked the chicken this morning and other all yummy things coming with Millie's family, it going to be a fun day though I hope my back is okay? Jack's getting a big boy now over 12 kg his birthday coming next 13th May.:-)
    Thinking of you dear Sis!
    And Miyuki, Miss Cats, Victoria.

  7. Sorry I meant written my daughter on law's:-)

  8. Miss Catt, the ultimate "party animal". Woohoo!
    Rained here too. I think the sun like playing peek-a-boo. Here today, gone tomorrow.

  9. BBQ'd chicken… mashed potatoes… and for dessert?? What a lovely sit down dinner indeed. BBQ chicken is one of the best summer foods available and now you have me thinking of what I can do tonight for supper. Thanks!
    Here’s hoping that you have a wonderful weekend with plenty of good weather. And yes… the electrician. I hope that he is able to cool you off a little.