Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh MY!

They changed Blogger. I thought I was in the wrong place when I logged in. Is yours changed too?

Maybe some of this awful mess we're going through will stop now.

Thank you sincerely for the help with the cramp situation. Chip..I did go to that link and again, thank you so much. I know my cat was the one to come and say that on your blog but it was too late when I realised I was still in her password and blog.

It's settled. Me and Sis, Michiko, are definitely going over the mountains this weekend as soon as she gets here. As usual, we take turns driving back and forth to Australia and here. This is her turn so she'll drive over. Our cars are able to navigate under the ocean and we get to our homes in great time. Sometimes if we're tired , we let Miss Catt aka the Admiral...or Gypsy, her dog drive and we nap. It all depends. Sometimes just the cat or just the dog drive over and once, it was Miyuki, my Toyota who went by herself as she wanted to speak Japanese and she sure can't do it here. I have a pet sitter lined up. $$$$ but she's worth it. Licensed, bonded and insured and an excellent sitter. Michiko and I will go shopping in the REALLY big city, Charlotte and we'll have so much stuff we'll not be able to close the trunk of the car. No problem when she's driving back to Australia though as my stuff will not be crowding her stuff since I'll have it in my home, so she'll get her trunk closed on her car when she leaves. :-) We have this all planned out.

I'm stalling. I have socks on and ready to put on my shoes so I can get up on the treadmill. Sigh. Gotta do it though. The 2 bananas I ate yesterday maybe helped..and Mario..he's right about the water. I have been slacking off on that. I need to quit right now and get with the program.

OK. Treadmill, here I come. :-(


  1. How did Blogger change Twin? I can't see any difference at all.
    You and Michiko have a wonderful time and bring us all back something. :-)


  2. I don't see a difference either - and I toggled back to check to be sure I didn't miss something....hmmmmmm :) Have a great time shopping!!! And booooo to the treadmill!

  3. I'm with the others, I don't see any change either. Oh, I feel for the stores you 3 attack. They'll never be the same. lol

  4. We didn't see a change yet either. Maybe they are folling it out in stages. Hope we'll know what to do when it hits us. We finally have things down pat for a change. Have great fun Over the Mountain. M wishes she were going with you, but she'd have to fly to catch up with you.

  5. No Blogger change for me either, but they were working on the photo upload tool last night.

  6. We did have to sig in, which surprised us. Not sure what had changed, though.

    Happy travels!!

  7. No change that I can find, either. Your welcome and don't worry about commenting as the cat because I knew who it was. My doctor made me give up my beloved sweet iced tea a couple of years back and Laura suggested I try Aqua Fina Flavor Splash because it's zero sugar, carbs, sodium and calories. I was hooked instantly. Then Frankie discovered Clear American naturally flavored water at Wal-Mart and Food Lion. It's cheaper than Aqua Fina and I like it just as much. Besides my morning bucket of coffee it's all I drink anymore and I always have a bottle with me in my camera bag.

  8. No change here, still screwing up on comments. I'll be glad when they get through 'making it better'...lol

  9. I've had trouble leaving some comments...don't have any idea what that is but I hope it gets fixed soon. We had a brush with a tornado last night on the one year anniversary of the monster that hit our town last year...I posted a link on FB that showed it. We saw it at the moment the lightning came out of the tip of the funnel as shown in one of the pictures...it was right near our back yard...now cold and rainy again for some days...sigh. Enjoy your trip...LOL! It sounds fun!

  10. The only change that I have noticed is that I don't have any more problems. At least at this time.
    I want a key chain!

  11. It is so funny that I understood about you wrote logged in, the comments problems which I have has for a weeks and a few people has problems too.

    Sis! did you ate two bananas that you don't needed ate two bananas in a day:-)

    Yes! I'm very happy to spend time with you Sis
    though it has been a long time since you wented over the mountains.
    Well we need have a good time in ourselves and we going to buy so many stuff that everything caught in our eyes LOL!
    We better not forget buy some for your Twin ha ha.
    The driver: I trust Miyuki 100% but my memories is that they drove faster just likes the skunk cats:-)
    this was a long time ago maybe not faster drive anymore?
    I trust your decide which one to choose LOL!
    It is so fun to read your post.

  12. Sorry your were taking about logging:-)

  13. Oh I did not notice any changes when I logged in. Maybe I log out and try again.
    We hope Michiko san and you will have a wonderful time together :-) But, we did not know Admiral san could drive!! :-)