Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Happened was...

Why I thought Blogger was changed was because for the first (and today, I see not the last) time after I logged in, I saw a screen I have never seen. It showed me the blogs I am following, stats, all that stuff as an opening screen. Places to go to your account, make a new post, etc. This page I am typing on looks way different too. I like it.

I have been busy spending money. $529.00 for four new tires, mounted, the labor, disposal fees and all that plus an extra sum for doing something with the brakes..forget what. I would have to go back to the receipt to see what it was.

I have been busy as can be from 0611 on till this moment. AND my weekend trip is still on. YES! Someone will be sad without me but I will be sad if I am always here. Now that she is doing so's off I go. I will come home with all KINDS of stuff. remember last time I went all the way back in October I came home with that oak library card case? H-E-A-V-Y! And the quilted throw and the beautiful dark rose and light blue vase and flowers too that were artificial but horribly expensive so thus..real looking? Well, look out I come AGAIN! And I will go see if the Russian store has my cherry tea too. The camera is going.

LOOK at my tomato plant. Gee WHIZ. That thing is going like gang busters. And I took another of the clusters of them. All of these will be 4-6 inches in size. Get a load of this thing. If I put it in, there will be the pepper plant to. I have a question re: that pepper plant. Are the flowers supposed to fall off? When do the peppers form? I will put the pepper in next time.


  1. Gorgeous tomatoes!!

    The cough syrup has codeine in it.

    Have a safe trip and get lots of pictures. I hope you can find the cherry tea.


  2. Sorry about that these day your continuity an expense but all we do needed to keep it up our cars with up date:-)
    The pepper:I don't think that fall off flowers?
    I thought was as same as Tomatoes plants.
    It was a long time ago when I grew in my veg garden:-)

    Have a great day,

  3. I haven't seen any change at all except that it works now. I was thinking, "Spaces all over again."
    Your tomatos look to be doing great.

  4. Your Tomato's are fantastic. Have fun In the big city.

  5. I haven't seen that page.
    Your plant is great! Have fun my friend.

  6. Have fun in the big city! I look forward to seeing your finds this time.
    Your tomato plant is gorgeous. I think pepper plant blooms only fall off if they weren't pollinated.

  7. I KNOW my rabbits and guinea pigs and tortoises would just LOVE the tomatoes...

  8. Blessings.....
    Have a wonderful trip.
    Your tomatoes look healthy and beautiful.
    Dont know about the changes as I use windows writer, i'll take a peek though.

    take care and do have a wonderful time on your journey

  9. Blogger is slowly rolling out the new Dashboard page for everyone. You must have gotten it, I don't have it yet. I'm hoping soon though.

  10. That tomato plant looks extra healthy. Yummm. Nothing better than a fresh picked ripe tomato. Have a fantastic trip. Sounds like a good shopping place to me. Induldge and have fun. Her Royal MaGESTY will be just fine and smother you with kisses when you get back.

  11. Gees, your desk is clean. LOL. (The header pic, assume it's your desk.)

    Weekend trip! Yay! Sounds like a great time and we'll look forward to seeing photos, of course.

    Your tomatoes are fabulous, wow. I tried to grow some one year, but my back space doesn't get the sunshine they need. You seem to have a green thumb!

  12. Have fun and get some good deals. I haven't noticed any changes but then things tend to go over my head.

  13. Those are some outrageous fees you had to deal with there...thank God you're able to cover it. Those things never come up at a good time for me and car trouble...ugh, knock on wood. I've been tied up with my daughter taking her driver's ed lately so that's been what's going on in the mornings and we are already working towards our trip to the Philippines. I'm almost non-existent on FB at this point and seldom have time to check on things here. Love and I are working on a ministry site on FB...more work...I guess it's good to be needed!