Sunday, July 31, 2011


I am craving and eating Brussels sprouts every DAY! My goodness. I just had my fix for the day!!! I can't get enough of them.  Yummy!

My hand and wrist hurt like a son of a gun.  The person who put me into the brace strapped it snugly and when I finally yelled 'UNCLE' last night before my shower I got up the guts to take it off for the shower even tho it hurt to do so (and put it back on) and the relief was good.  Apparently my arm and hand just take a notion to swell and that's where the pain comes in.  That makes the brace dig into the very tender a bite.  Cannot wait for therapy.

I just upgraded from Snow Leopard operating system to Lion (MAC) and I like it.  I still had some iTunes credit so that paid for half of it.

My middle boy will be headed to Austria tomorrow and will visit an Austrian that we are fond of.  He'll be gone a while and I know he is, as always looking forward to it.  Last year two of the boys went to New Zealand and stayed with a personal friend.   Before that, they headed to  Greece and Turkey and other points.  Spring break for middle son (He is a Teacher) and the youngest goes too..takes vacation from work. The other boy and I stay home to keep the home fires burning.

I also desperately want some succotash but I can't get the can open!!!!


  1. Do I have to cut your brussel sprouts as well!Thank you for the kind words Carole. Their much appreciated.

  2. If I had that pain, I'd have to have a good pain pill. I'm sorry you have to deal with it. I like those Brussel sprouts. And even the cold ones left over are good in a salad.
    I guess the boys will have photos as they did last year, hope so.

  3. I can tolerate brussel sprouts if I have too. Love succotash.
    I bet your boys will have a wonderful time.
    Paul will open the can for you Twin.


  4. he he - pretty soon you'll be able to open that can and other things. Hang in there good friend.

  5. I'm not a big fan of brussel sprouts, find them usually taste bitter. But I did just have some frozen ones the other day, a single-serving "steam 'em" package, with butter. They were good--must have been all the butter they came in. LOL.

    Your boys are lucky to be able to travel so much...There are so many more options today than when I was growing up, I think. Well, it's not the same world, in so many ways, is it.

    Good luck and lots of Light re: your hand...When do you start the physical therapy?

  6. I love the cabbage but I don't like to eat brussel sprouts:-)
    It is a good for you Sis!
    Enjoy your day,
    xoxoxo Sis, Miyuki, Miss Catt, Victoria.

  7. Brussel sprouts? Succotash? Oh dear Lord, I'm scared of you! Just kidding ;-)! grrlysquirrel75

  8. Not a fan of Brussel Sprouts. Glad you redid the brace and have some relief. Sounds like the boys will have a wonderful trip. I bet they get some great pictures along the way. They leave no better people to guard the home front.

  9. Wow guess the swelling issue will take some time to go down. Hope all goes well in the therapy room when you finally get there. Brussel sprouts.. I can take or leave them..
    Take care

  10. I can't say I've ever had a hankering for sprouts however you're welcome to it. I'm very sorry about the pain you've had and do hope that having some therapy will bring some relief in this. Think of you Carole!

  11. I dont know very many people that like Brussels sprouts but once I start eating them I cant stop.. I love them steamed.
    A year has come and gone so fast and now your Son goes to Austria . How very lucky and what a beautiful country that has to be.
    Take care of your wrist. Dont over do it. I know you need to pick up and do things but dont.
    Love Love this flower. I have a few growing but not as nice as this one.