Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Family

I got Miss Catt's results and  she will put those in her blog tomorrow she said.

I was shunned all day till after 3 for taking her to her doctor yesterday. She relented when I got home from a Salon visit.  I have told the help I hired that 8/3 was the last day.  Man, that cost me some bucks.  My boys have been the best thru this entire ordeal.

I wanted to take the opportunity to say this: Each year on Mother's Day and their individual birthdays I have always said how humbly grateful I am to have the privilege of being their mother.  They are more to me than anything else in this world.  More than money/wealth, more than any circumstance or just anything this world can offer.  Without them..I have no riches nor anything.  Well,  since my accident, I have found they love me too ;-).  They have been here for me in every way when I have been at my lowest ebb..my most helpless time and they never hesitated a nanosecond to help me or do for me.  I am a Queen among women that they are my loved blessings.

Thank you sons.

Much love,  Mom


  1. Yeah, there's been more than one occasion when Laura has come shining through for me and I have to tell her "I sure am glad I didn't let your mother kill you that time you _______!"

    Glad you're coming along well enough to fire the help.

  2. Beautiful tribute for your boys Twin!! What would we do without out children? I know exactly what you are talking about.

    I will be waiting to hear the results of Miss Catt's tests.


  3. Sounds like your boys are just like their Mom, wonderful! Hugs to you.

  4. Carole, you have awesome children, I am just sorry I never had any.

  5. Your sons are well brought up! I'm eager to read up on Miss Catt's results...hope she forgives you soon. :)

  6. I agrees with you 100% sis that in a both way..
    I must says I has been a good mother than a wife
    for my two sons:-)
    until they are 18 years of age it was a long time.
    Now they are spoil me to anyway they can do to help and once in three month we going to the restaurant only three of us, "Mother with sons".
    This idea was from my two daughter-in-lows idea.
    After this I better going see Miss Catts.
    You take care,

  7. M here: Beautiful tribute Carole. You have three very loving, caring sons. But then look who they were raised by!

  8. awwww - you are lucky to have each other!!! What a wondeful tribute. But remember - they turned out good thanks to you as well. :)

  9. They deserves your accolades. I always felt they were the best from your blogs. I know my kids would and have been the same way.

  10. So so happy for you that the recovery is going well and that the boys came through like we knew they would and helped their MOMMA out!! Hope the appetite improves some soon. Take care SIS.. : )

  11. What a lovely post! You have such caring, wonderful children and they have great mother who loves them so much!!

  12. Already read the news on Miss Catt. Just catching up here with you. Glad you are getting more mobile hope the reno on the bathroom is done. So glad to hear you sons were there when you needed them most. We don't have kids and no family near bye. I often wonder how we would ever manage. You are very blessed with wonderful caring children. But then I am sure you have always been there for them. Hugs and keep getting better you and Miss Catt.

  13. I sure know the treasure of being a father of three amazing kids myself. They are not even adults yet but help me on a level that no one else can. I'm delighted to know you're in such good hands...and paws!

  14. I'm so glad to hear your sons were there to help...not that I really expected any less after the things you have shared about them. You are blessed!