Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sliced Tomatoes

My helper for 3 hrs was here and while she was, I asked her to slice 6 more tomatoes.  I had a very thick bacon mayo and tomato sandwich.  four slices of bacon.  i also gave into my craving for brussels sprouts and ate the entire package...yummy in the tummy!!!

i have here in front of me a newly found  gas purchase credit card receipt.  july 7, 1992.  the purchase was 9.1 gallons @ $1.09 a gallon. sigh.



  1. Yummy is right except for the brussel sprouts.

    Gas will never be that cheap again. Sigh is right.


  2. ha ha- I'm laughing over the gas purchase ticket. Those days are long gone. You have me drooling now for a Bacon/Lettuce/Toimato Sandwich on Toast! Guess I'd better get to the Farmers Market and see if they have brought any tomatos up from the south. i do love them.

  3. Those sliced tomatoes should last about 2 days max. Grand idea to have your helper slice them, though. Who fried the bacon?

    Don't "they" say prices double every 10 years? If so, gas prices are about right. Sad.

  4. a dollar a gallon from ole classical age ancient history in modern times

  5. you are the only person i know that has a craving for brussel sprouts.

    Glad you are enjoying the fruits of your labour.

  6. Only to have those prices back. To quote the Raven "never more". Okay, not fair, I have no tomatoes left and now I'm wanting a BLT. Maybe if I imagine the, not working.

  7. Wow, that receipt must be from 20 years ago :P Frame it :-/

  8. You know I'm actually a pretty big vegetable lover but sprouts just aren't one of the things i can stomach...however a BLT...well now, such things are an entirely different matter! Ah the memories such receipts bring...I remember when filling the tank in my little care didn't cost nearly fifty bucks.

  9. Good morning Sis!
    glad you both started eating well that is good news.
    I was surprise to know about Gypsy's has lost her driver licence? Only you don't know in your house,
    because Miyuki knew at first and pasted on to Victoria though I think that I got idea they might think you going to have worried?

    Admiral's with her when it happened Whew!!!
    I might have phone call from them LOL!!
    You have a nice day.
    xoxoxo You, Miyuki, Miss Catt, and Victoria.

  10. Sure glad you're enjoying those tomatoes. Ours are beginning to ripen. That price for gas would be nice. I remember when we could fill our car up for $6, now it's $60.