Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chamber of Discomfort

I was going to say something else for the title but I knew it would get unpleasant hits if I mentioned the word tor*u-re.

I will be headed out to that very therapy here in a few minutes.  I will know I am almost done therapy the day I can fasten/hook the female only undergarment.  :-)  So far, it's the old fasten the garment  in front and slide the fastened hooks back around where they belong.  Glad I even have the agility to fasten the hooks!

I was out antiquing yesterday and among the un-antiques I got a beautiful (judging fro the coloration etc) rectangular tablecloth and napkins (white on white w/ embroidery) for 35.00 as I am a linens type frenzied  "collector".  I know where to stop though.  I won't go past what I can use.  Anyone's hand embroidered pieces always catch my eye.

I joined the Garden Club yesterday.  They saw my picture of a blossom in the newspaper last week from one of their beautiful small gardens in the center of town and who knows..I may become their volunteer photographer!  :-)

Guess I will be leaving in 5 minutes and for those who asked, I do take Tylenol before I go..does no good while the bending is happening.  She brought me up off the chair seat two times last before yesterday.  I hissed to her that I couldn't take much more of that.  She stopped bending it backward (has to be done unfortunately) long enough for me to say that and then, she resumed bending.  It's unfortunate in a way but it's for the better good.

Sigh...guess I've stalled long enough. Bye..


  1. Good luck friend. I'll be thinking of you in the Torture chamber. he he I said it for you. You are getting better tho, so keep at it even tho it hurts like ____.

  2. Mom says she knows about that undergarment issue from when she had a frozen shoulder. What a joy it was to finally be able to do it the normal way. Good luck and hope it isn't too much tor*u-re.

  3. We will be thinking about you. Maybe you can have the Admiral sit on it when you get home to warm it up.... :)

    And the flower is lovely!!!

  4. I hope the pain is not as bad today!!

    Congrats on the pic in the paper. Is it the Kn******e paper? I will try and find it so I can see. I love this particular photo; gorgeous.


  5. Hoping the pain gets less and less each time. I gave up even trying hooking up the normal way a long time ago when the wrist went due to over use of mopping and dust mopping in schools. Got so bad I couldn't pick up a piece of paper.

    The paper knows a great picture when it sees one.

  6. When you get home, Ms. B will be there to soothe you :-D.

  7. Is the pain lessening with each passing session? It does sound very uncomfortable AND painful...

  8. I can imagine torture bringing up some interesting hits! LOL! On a serious note I pray that you continue to progress to the point where you get past the pain and through the therapy...won't that be a day to celebrate!

  9. Sure hope today was better for you and the pain is less on future visits.

  10. Congratulations on making the paper! It's a beautiful shot Carole.
    I don't know anything about linen but I did buy some towels the other day. That's all I got.

  11. Sorry Sis! you still having the therapy that hope nearly toward to end.
    I like that idea of you has joined the garden club
    and may open up for you are became their photographer though you will enjoy that too...
    xoxoxo You, Miss Catt, Miyuki, and Victoria.

  12. Oh I love your new header. All your headers are always just stunning. Carole you always take such exceptional flowers shots. You would be perfect for taking photos for the garden club. Well I had put some photos in the fall fair we had this weekend in our town and got 3 second places and 1 third. I was so busy here I never even made it to see what the competions was. Had a friend pick my photos up when the fair was over. One of my 2nd places was a photo of my cat Wilflower. Had company all weekend and a barbecue yesterday. I had to leave everyone last night and go to bed. Was so early I woke this morning at 6am. It's 8am now and they are all still sleeping I am so enjoying the quiet time. Hugs Carrie

  13. I'm sorry this is so painful for you. BUT, you just hang in there and before long it'll just be a memory.