Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coming to an End?

Went to therapy today and from the conversation..especially when they asked if I wanted to continue, I gather it's possibly my call?  Chip?  I made an appt. to go see the orthopedic surgeon anyway..Monday and see what he says.  I am not back to rights yet.  I've come a long way but I still have weak fingers and missing some range of motion.

Absolutely stunningly beautiful day these past two. Typical October days in appearance even though we are still here in September at least through tomorrow.  Deep deep blue sky as in the daisy picture I took and put in as the header.  Brilliant cool sunshine..low humidity..glad you're alive days.

I have been very busy this past week.  Amazingly so and have not attended to much of anything computer-wise except Her Majesty's blog and Twitter.  Oh..oh, I can tell I am feeling better mentally as I have been applying fake tan again!  Sure sign.  No, really.

That and being an awful flirt. Oh well.  That's me.  I took the flower pic in the Spring.



  1. Flirting is ok. I do it all the time. Your hand will heal it will take a while but it will come along. The Tea and fresh bread with butter sounds good.

  2. You flirting?! I never thought I'd see the likes of such a thing ;-),

  3. I can be a bit of a flirt myself though I've cooled it here on Blogger.
    So ... ahhh you blog here often. We could go back to my blog for a drink...

  4. You a flirt.. Never. ha.. Lovely Lovely photo.
    Keep on the Mend. Be careful this winter. Its not too far off. I guess Im jumping the gun. First its Oct.

  5. Paul cracks me up and take him up on it. :)

  6. I loved your photos Sis just beautiful!!
    I can tell you my side of our weather's..
    Cloudy scattered rain and chance of thunderstorms for last three days and coldest weather's September day since 1916.
    we have had one month rains in one day.
    I still have my hey fever as well but slowly getting better after over a month whew!!!

    So next week will be book out for away from blogging ???
    Dependent on how is my north wind blow away???
    Have a peaceful weekend,
    Thinking of you Sis, Miss Catt, Miyuki, and Victoria.

  7. Flirting? You flirt? Well maybe just a little. Just having a little fun huh?

    The time it takes to get totally back to normal range and strength is some of the longest we hve to deal with I think. You'll get there Hon. It's just the darn waiting the bugs us.

  8. ha ha - I'm seeing the "blond" in your today. Flirting!! Love B"oston Boy's comment! An open invitation if I ever saw one!!

  9. Oh, forgot to mention that photo at the top of your blog is STUNBUBG!! A "point and shoot person" would never think of taking a picture like that. Good work.+

  10. I know exactly what you mean about feeling better mentally. Injuries or illness like that really hit hard in this area and you don't always notice it right away. It's going to hit the nineties here this week supposedly which I can hardly imagine. We've spent a lot of time with meetings but get to take our visitor from Africa out as of this Saturday so we're really excited about that. I can't feel too inspired to get photos though. Love your picture there on the end...soon we'll be back to a white out...better enjoy all things green while we can!

  11. Beautiful header shot!!

    Lovely day here but windy.

  12. ..... flirt.... there a corner drugstore near by...... frosted malt n two straws.... hehe

  13. Maybe no more therapy? Hopefully you are at the point you don't need therapy and heal naturally.
    The picture of flower from spring is very pretty. And I love your header. It's very stunning photo!!

  14. After what you've been through gf I'd want to be absolutely sure that going to therapy has done all it's going too as well. It's going to be absolutely gorgeous here next week, perfect is a better discription, and I am really looking forward to it. Take care now ya hear!

  15. Lovely Fall weather here, same as yours probably and love it.