Thursday, September 8, 2011

Drool Drool

Looks like several folks DO know about fried potatoes and onions.  I can't peel a potato yet I don't think.  If I can, it's all over but the chomping for I love them dearly and yes, I'll use canola oil..not Crisco.

I am due for another go round of therapy exercises so soon as I say Howdy here I will go do those and then, get on the treadmill.  Ugh.

OK.  Who..and I bet NONE of you but maybe Kassey's mom, knows what fried apples are and knows how to fix them?  A Southern person knows and eats them.  Daddy made the best in the world and he learned from my Grandma whom we all of us called "Mama".  He learned most of his cooking from her and certainly from my mother and Daddy is the one who taught me how to cook.  Needless to say, he and consequently I was/are very plain cooks.  No..not in appearance heehee, but in how we cook(ed).  Daddy came up with some originals too brought about by not having that much money and having to make food feed us kids.  One of them was something you guys would not like but we loved and still do.  My now only brother and I were reminiscing about this dish while talking on the phone just a few weeks ago.

It's simply a large several pound bone in (Dad didn't have much money remember) piece of beef..the cheapest cut..put it in a large pot..add one really large onion, quartered, salt and pepper..boil it to death till the meat is falling off the bone.  Remove meat only and shred it off with a fork..add it back to the broth and then, while your fresh biscuits are baking to go with this...Daddy always took a 8 oz. measuring cup..half filled it with flour, added water to fill the cup..stirred rapidly with his wooden handled fork (I still have that precious fork) till it was mixed, and he slowly added it to the broth and cooked it till the broth thickened just right.  Not thick per se..just held together enough to stay on the biscuit halves in his and our plates. Heavenly although extremely plain.   I love and miss you Daddy.  This month-- on the 1st was, or would have been your birthday.


  1. I know what fried apples are, my mom fixed them when apples were in season. Also fried sweet potato slices. Almost everything in those days was fried in bacon fat which just added to the flavor. Dads and moms too did what they had to to feed their kids. Your daddy sounds very special!!

  2. mmm, I love a good hunk of meat thats been cooked to death with onion in water and I would do the same thing with flour. Only I add celery & carrot.
    I did it in a cast iron pot on the woodstove. Gotta love dads for being good cooks :)

  3. Mario's M here - well this Yankee has heard of fried apples, but can't say I've ever had them. But if they are fried, they have to be good.

  4. Msn's twin is playing around...grrrr. I clicked on posy comment and got the OOPs.
    I do fried pies and fried sweet potatoes as well. I've had fried onion and potatoes on my mind as well.
    Alan did the roast, potatoes, carrots when they were here. good eatin'. Next morning for breakfast he made saw meal gravy to go with bacon and eggs....a blog here i

  5. Oh Yum! I make fried apples an beef'n gravy over bread of any kind. I hope your hand gets better real soon. Love the top photo header.

  6. Your description of the beef dish sounds so so yummy! Haven't heard of fried apples, though.

  7. We eat more vegetable and fish than your people?
    The Japanese dish don't used much a oil and more soy sauce to cooking.
    Take care
    xoxoxox Sis, Miyuki, Miss catt.

  8. Nothing wrong with plain Southern cooking :-).

  9. That certainly sounds like something my Dad loved. Meat, potatoes and gravy kind of man. We had it over bread very often. Still do.

  10. Since my grandparents passed away we ended up without some really amazing things that they cooked. My grandma on my Dad's side was a apple expert but I think most of what she did has been lost in the sands of time sadly. I have had friend apples before but can't tell you how to make them. Tell you what...I feel bad about this...if you get the recipe and fry some up I could sample them for you, how about that?

  11. Fried apples sound pretty good, too...learned about them after marrying Garry. Meat fixed that way sounds yummy! We've had a lot of gravy and biscuits over the years...a great way to fill up kids. Plus it's just plain good eating!