Friday, September 2, 2011

Finally Friday

Me'n'Her are getting good and ready for the day.  I have cleaned her area up..fed her all she will eat changed the furnace filter, I have done my therapy exercises for now.  4 more times to go for the day.  She's in her Spa and Pool area (the bathroom) meowing through her closed mouth.  I love it.  Unless I'm trying to sleep.

Hope you like the new header picture.  I took it at the docking area of one of the restaurants on the river here in town.  I think it's so pretty even if I did take it myself. I will present a winter view by and by.

I still need to get my face on and my hair combed.  What with house work I haven't really done more than get dressed.  Hey!  Totally unrelated but I wonder if I can peel a potato yet?  Love potatoes and unless they have been baked, there have been none cooked in this house for two and more, months.  :-)

You know how I am about clouds..or maybe you remember.  Here is a display that occurred right after I left a receiving of friends for a young man who passed suddenly that was a dear friend.  I always think of Mitch when I see this photo and I think it is beautiful.  Just for him.


  1. Both photos are the lovely, the new header and the sky/clouds.

    We hope you both have a wonderful day and long weekend!

  2. I love potatoes too! The header is beautiful. The scenery is so soothing and peaceful. I'm sure Mitch would have loved the clouds picture too. It's beautiful.

  3. Lovely photos.....

    And the potatoe reference made mom hungry.....

  4. Both are wonderful photos. Hope Admiral had her medicine.

  5. I always love your photos Twin. The one of the clouds will always hold memories for you. beautiful!!!


  6. Both photos are beautiful. So sorry you lost a friend and the photo is a nice tribute.
    It's so cute when kitties meow closed mouth.

  7. Two extra gorgeous photo's in our blog today. The header is absolutely gorgeous - like a professional photo, so you can feel pretty proud of yourself. The one of the couds is very pretty also. Clouds are amazing and fun to watch. Hope you give peeling potatos a try soon. I bet you can do it, but might take awhile, and your paw might hurt before you are done. But try.

  8. Great photos. I haven't had taders innah while. Been too hot.

  9. Yes! The photos are BEAUTIFUL and I can feel for you that both are doing very well through the your post.
    RE your friend dog: I remember that we both wrote about what a nuisance our friends dogs behavior.
    xoxoxo Sis,Miyuki.Miss Catt. and Victoria.

  10. Carole it is good to hear that you are improving each and everyday. You sound so much better. :) I hope and pray that you continue to get better and stronger each day. It is nice to see you are out with your camera again. I love both pictures. Your header looks like a wonderful place to take photos and what a great view to see as one eats at the restaurant. I am looking forward to your winter photo also.
    The cloud and sky picture is amazing as well.

    Thank you for stopping by. It was so nice to hear from you. The babies are doing great, and I will be sure to give them gentle hugs and kisses from you and me. :)

    Well it's getting late and I am falling asleep at my keyboard. Been a long work week and I need lots more beauty sleep.
    Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you will soon be able to peel those taters and enjoy.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  11. I came back to a good looking at the header photos.
    At front of the water that you can seen a few plants are an autumn plants and that is very nice.
    Have a good night sleep tonight!
    xoxoxo Sis, Miss catt, Miyuki, and Victoria.

  12. blessings....
    hope you are healing nicely.
    love the new head photograph.

  13. I love potatoes too though with my wife being Asian rice has become the favored dish around here. I love cloud pictures too. One thing I love about the fall season is the golden light in the's getting quite cool here these days especially evenings...I don't think that bodes well.

  14. The sky is so peaceful and the colors are just right. Love them.
    Do you calibrate your monitor. I havent in sometime.

    Keep on going and glad your on the mend. So many things we take for granted and when we cant do them we learn and learn again. I know too. Have been layed up a few times. Fingers crossed I dont get there again for years.

  15. Your header is how you framed it. The other photo is lovely, too. I love potatoes ..we had potato soup tonight. Something we hadn't had in a very long time. It was quite yummy.