Saturday, September 3, 2011

Git 'er Done Saturday

I finally got up on the treadmill for the first time since the accident.  Mind it was walking at 2 mph!! My knee is still tight i.e. swelling in it as is the same with my ankle on that leg so I decided to go exceedingly slow.  I will make an appt. with my own doctor within a week if possible and see what he has to say about exercising it.  I would go to a gym where there are more options but two things keep me from it.

  One, I have never needed those options as my treadmill and being outside on the sidewalks or track was enough before the accident and-- I lifted weights.  The second reason why I never joined one was their "me me me" thing going on.  They want to rake in the money so they force you to pay for a membership.  Three years sometimes..minimum of one.  They are banking on you not showing up after the first few months and that is what generally happens.  So they rake in your money and you gave it to them and made it worse by not showing up perhaps and someone else who will likely quit too after a few months takes up your space for awhile and so the vicious circle continues.  :-)))

Meanwhile I have done that..treadmill albeit very slowly and I have done the first set of therapy exercises. There's nothing left but to get myself ready to head out of doors and walk..not run..down by the park.    Twin, come with?  You know you want to.  Boston Boy..come on and bring the camera!  Later we'll all three sit and see what's happening with College Football even if you're more of baseball fans.  Nancy?  How about some chocolate bread? Sit here in the honored place on the couch.  Miss Catt!  Get off!

Sis, your turn to drive over.  Watch those traffic cameras under the Pacific.



  1. Boy it's been a long and slow process hasn't it. I agree...slow and steady, don't want to re-injure in again. Can I come along with you guys? I promise I'll try not to talk too much!
    Take care gf and have a great labor day weekend.

  2. Take 'er easy Twin so you don't have a setback. Good news that you felt able to start the treadmill again.

    Save my place and I will be right there.


  3. If there's a Planet Fitness Gym in your area, I highly recommend it. It's a no frills gym, so they're not trying to make a huge amount of money off you. They don't have in-house personal trainers and won't try to get you to use their outside trainers. They proudly refer themselves a "judgement free zone."

  4. I've never been a fan of fitness clubs. I always find myself falling back to having my own stuff and doing it can't beat the convenience nor the cost. I'd gladly join you on a walk however I've had an issue with a bone spur that's been giving my heel fits...oh and the distance thing...well, my heart's in the right place! Have a blessed weekend Carole!

  5. I always do my own thing. I have tired so many different things just to go back to doing what I like. Your making progress. Sound exciting or you do.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Peace and Many Blessings

  6. Oh and I love all the photos ,, new header and all.

  7. Good morning to you Sis! I would not worry about walking on the treadmill (not too much)....
    I was surprise to heard that still swelling in your ankle on the leg...not good Sis...
    A good idea to go to see your own doctor.
    I woke up this early in the morning then as you know only I can do it on internet though it is a bad habit?.
    But I know you having a new post:-)))
    I having a dog sitting for my younger son's ..
    as you know she is a quite ones :-)
    Gypsy want to come along with me that is should be okay with all other friends?
    Sherry's wanted joined with us and she said not talk too much? that is a good idea though she might have a LOTS of thing to tell us her side of story:-)
    I will be there at your home as usual time and don't worry I watch the traffic cameras as you know I have your house keys:-)

    Please take care and to be patience Sis!!
    You are nearly get there..
    xoxoxox Sis, Miss Catt, Miyuki,And Victoria.

  8. Sorry Sis I forgot mention about your photos...
    You knew that I going to says A BEAUTIFUL!!!

  9. Mario's M here - on my gosh girl - that photo at the top of your page is OUTSTANDING. It is so gorgeous that I'd love to have Don paint it. Now being an artist, he might disagree with me, but would you mind our using it for that purpose? You know how to emial me for an answer. Oh - take it easy on the treadmill, - rome was not built in a day. You are doing great and a little bit every day is what you need to do.

  10. Even though you walked 2mph, it's still great that you could come back to the treadmill! It's good you take it slowly :-)
    I used to go to gym but not any more. I was too lazy to drive there. I went there twice in a year so I finally quit. I should have done that sooner!

  11. Glad you're taking it slow even on the treadmill. It's been years since I was in a gym and I don't have the staying power to get my money's worth. I hope your DR. gets rid of the swelling soon.