Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday = Therapy

Well, today's visit to therapy brought about something new.  She was bending my poor hand and I felt and heard crackling.  I looked her in the eyes..which entailed bringing my eyes back up from the tightly shut, teeth clinching stage of looking down..to see what was THAT! She said "I broke some scar tissue up!"  Rather than celebrate this painful accomplishment she commenced to bend my fingers back this time and more crackling BUT the pain this time actually got a sound out of me.  Usually I just hiss air thru my teeth or say "Uuumph!" under my breath but this time I said in a normal voice loudness "that hurts" and made to leave the table.  She quit as soon as she heard the scar tissue break up and put my arm and hand in ice.  And trust me, my normal everyday voice was loud enough.  It's people like me and my colleagues who were always talking above a radio's loudness and other noises that earned us the red neck Room when we meet every month.  They get us off to the back in a room where we can't drive others out with our loud talking..guffawing and other obnoxious sounds.

Meanwhile, got my hair done this afternoon.  That was nice and it looks better than it has for three months.

Meanwhile I have several new exercises..one is called by her.."knock knock and it isn't a joke.  Have to form a fist (hard to do) and make up and down wrist movements as though I were knocking on a surface. AND hold a water bottle in my right hand and let my wrist droop over a table edge and hold it for 5 minutes.  No fun at all.  But I hate being a wuss so I will.



  1. I swear...every time I trip and almost stumble I think of you! Glad your hair do made you feel better and that you are being good about your exercises...Hell, I can't even exercise my cat like I'm supposed too (wait til you see tomorrows 'Wordless Wednesday' post, hahameow!)

  2. Ouch. It even sounds painful. Hang in the girl. Boy, I know you will be glad this is over. A BIIIG HUUUG today.

  3. Sorry you are hurting Twin. Don't give up, it will surely get better.


  4. You guys are a great support team and I mean that. xxoo

  5. You will endure and come out stronger. As well as have a wrist and arm that works again. I just wish it wasn't so painful for you. [[hugs]]
    I'm glad you were able to have your hair done...that can be a spirit lifter.

  6. OMGossh.. You have been though so much.
    I might have freaked right out.
    Your so strong .

    Hugs and Many.

  7. Hang in there girl - you are making more progress every day. One day soon this will be History and you can say " I remember when....."

  8. Breaking up the scar tissues...I'm probably ignorant, but won't that cause MORE scar tissues to form? You sure ain't a wuss!

  9. That is hurt that even just read your post ..
    poor things how many time more you need to go back there?
    Big Hugs my dear Sis.
    xoxoxox Miyuki,Miss Catt, and victoria.

  10. Working on your opera voice too? My gosh by the time you're done with all this you'll be able to punch people out and sing while doing it!

  11. You need to post pictures or perhaps a video of your raucus gatherings.