Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday waiting

Well, I tried to hurry up the street to get a picture of two giant sunflowers.  By the time I could get off the phone though without being rude, it was 1015 before I got there.  Too much sun.  There was a bumblebee waking on and enjoying the center of the sunflower face and I took their picture anyway.  What happened was the bee cast a shadow onto the sunflower from the strong sun behind them.  Sigh.  No one came out to chase me away with a broom (I have been challenged before by folks including this house).  I will try again this evening about 6PM in the hopes the evening sun won't interfere.  Regarding this house, as per the time he challenged me because I was taking a picture of his cold frame a few January's ago, I was on the side walk..not trespassing and pointed straight at the cold frame.  However, I can understand why someone would come charging out hollering "what are you doing??" as I walked away.  I came back and told him what I truthfully felt..that he had the most superb garden ever and that I admired the cold frame and the fabulous lettuces growing inside of it.  I showed him my entire collection of the morning's pictures so he could see it's all innocent.  He told me I could come into the yard if I wished any time.  That was gracious.  However, that was 6 years ago..don't know if he remembers me now.

Also, I have a small light box in my possession.  I am going to experiment with it and take a picture..experiment..with whatever objects inside of it.  The light is from two special light devices out side of the light box.  Inside is all white except a drape in the back of royal blue.  Anxious to see if I can get into that right or not.

Therapy tomorrow,  There'd better be, that is.  Here is a just lifting of the fog, morning.  Last Fall.  Clinch River.


  1. I don't know what you mean by small light box. this inquiring mind wants to know.

    I do love the scene at the river. Do you think 100 or so years ago that folks were baptized there?


  2. The light box sounds interesting. Have fun with it and we'll await your famtastic pictures. Good job on the one at the top and also the one of the water. Grumpy old man was probably afraid you were casing his property out for a robbery later. We had that happen once too. Remind me to tell you that story some time.

  3. The story about the house and its owner is cute. I think he remembers you :-)
    I love the picture of the river! It looks beautiful and I love the color of trees, too!

  4. I remember seeing a dog behind the wheel of a car. I thought it was a funny picture. As I walked closer to frame the picture I suddenly realized that the dog was sitting on a mans lap. I apologised profusely. My friend thought it was hysterical.

  5. It sound you are feeling better and enjoy taken more beautiful photos, although I am interesting the light box?
    The picture of the river that shows a beautiful an Autumn color.
    xoxoox Sis, Miyuki, Miss catt, and Victoria.

  6. The encounter you had with the house owner left a smile on my face. Hope you don't need to tell off your therapist tomorrow.

  7. I figure if anything could inspire me to get out and take some pictures before it's all white out there again it would be your pictures Carole. I have a terrible dread of the cold return that is inevitable but surely I won't let the fall season pass with not a picture to be had...well, I hope not anyway! Say what you may I still love you pictures and appreciate the fact that you share them.