Monday, September 5, 2011 about rain!

I think we have had, in 24 hrs. about 5 to 6 inches of rain so far.  Started around 5 yesterday evening and has not stopped even for a second-- and it's very hard.  Flooding everywhere but not where I am as I am on the highest point in town.

Therapy tomorrow and for those wondering about how long a time I must do this..until it is back to normal.  I can use my arm and hand some..very weak still but I can use it.  I can painfully lift half a gallon of milk for example.  BUT the range of motion for my hand/wrist up and down is almost nil.  Very little.  That is where the next pain will come.  When she bends it forwards and backward even though I see stars I will be hissing thru my teeth.  If she doesn't bend it, I'll never get anywhere.  When you for example bend your own wrist down (hold it out in front of you and watch) you get a gentle V shape where the hand/wrist drops down.  Me..I get a straight line.  No bend at all.  Very discouraging but surely in time it will pass.

Totally amazing how much damage can be done to tendons  and membranes inside the arm and hand with just 6 weeks in a cast.  Scary too.  Therapy at 0930 this time instead of 9 and hair appt at 1300.  Looking forward to that.   Red-Neck gathering Wednesday and I'm REALLY looking forward to that!



  1. That is more rain then I think we've ever gotten here at one time but I could be wrong. It's about the most glorious weather I've ever experienced here...I should relish it. I don't blame you for not looking forward to the therapy. I've never had a broken bone...only dealt with it when caring for my Mom with her broken and dislocated ankle. Take care Carole.

  2. We desperately need some of that rain as do the poor folks in Texas. My WV sis is getting a lot of rain too.
    Good luck with the therapy!


  3. What a pity TS Lee didn't go west to Texas instead of the course it took. I hope you dry out soon.

  4. I just don't know what to said? it is a long time to recovered.
    Enjoy 100% with your friends at the Red-Neck on the Wednesday.
    xoxoxo Sis,Miss Catt,Miyuki, and Victoria.

  5. We sure could do with some rain here! It's been SUPER hot and humid! I'm real tempted to shave my head. :)
    All the best with your therapy. It sounds like it's going to be quite painful. :(

  6. Thought of you yesterday as I kept watching the rain pour down on your part of the state. YIKES! So glad you were high a dry. Keep up with the PT girlfriend - you are getting there.

  7. Had a hard rain when camping and all I could think of was JoAnn in Texas. Sure hope they get some soon.

    Hate to think of the paid of therapy but I know your tough enough to handle it even though you'll be glad when the wrist moves the way you want it.


  8. You'll get there Carole. Just what is a Red-Neck gathering? After all I am a Yankee, in the sense of being a New Englander, not a New York Yankee. Boo hiss!

  9. I've been wondering about you...heard about all the rain over your way. We had about 3 1/2 inches the past 2 days. With more to come. We have been terribly dry, so rain is welcome. Plus it's been the nice easy rains that actually have time to soak in, not just run off.