Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grist Mill

The header is an 18th century grist mill in a TN State Park in Norris TN.  If you look closely you'll see it is still running, meaning the water is pouring over and turning the wheel.  There are several wonderful old things there at this Park including a threshing barn.  We enjoyed touring it a few weeks ago and this Park is where I got the water picture I posted a week or so ago and the spider picture too.

Thursday we go to a Mennonite community some distance away from me..maybe a 2 hour drive.  Looking forward to that.  I won't bring the camera as it's too much to haul around for an all dayer like that.

Hope all is well with you all.  I watched DWTS last night.  I think Terry and I are the only ones in the blog family who do, and I swear if ol' Chaz makes it another week..I will seriously consider giving up watching.  Looks like a sack of grain being heaved around the dance floor. Just sayin'.

Got to get going here.  Busy day.  xoxo


  1. ha ha - I watch DWTS also. perhaps not as faithfully as you do, but I catch it almost every other night for sure, if not every Monday. Great photo. Sounds like a lovely park.

  2. I love to visit places like that. The pic of the Grist Mill is awesome!

    The trip to the Mennonite community sounds like a very interesting fun time.

    DWTS, I watch a little bit of it every now and then.


  3. An early version of green power that the greenies no longer like. Places like that are fun and I realize how easy I have it now compared to my forefathers and the work they had to do just to survive.

    I have a little point n shoot I use a lots for tours. Takes great pictures, better then lots of DSLR's and it clips on my belt.

    Enjoy the Mennonites.

  4. Love the old mill. They don't make things to last anymore like they use too do they? I watched DWTS and I agree, Chaz has to go. There's no talent there at all and it's time he left. Should have left weeks ago actually but what ya gonna do. Have fun on your next outing. I don't blame you for not wanting to take Victoria but I'm sure we'll miss out on some fantastic pictures.
    It's rainy here so it's a stay in day for us.
    Have a great day gf!

  5. Love your discription of Chaz. It really fits. I so hope he goes tonight. It hurts you to watch him try so hard with no talent to even show a tiny bit.
    I think R.J. is just the best so far. Ricki is holding in there reall good, but, I think she has the best choreographer so that helps.

    Love the Mill. Makes me think a trip to the Beckman Mill should be something we should do. Take a little point and shoot camera for things like the long days.

  6. Beautiful park for sure...it's probably older then our state! I know DWTS is popular with some but I simply can't get into such things. Don't worry nobody watches what I do...and I mean that seriously. I'm into The Walking Dead and Smoking Gun and American Horror Story but to date I've never heard anyone talk about those shows! I've got to deal with our car yet again today...remember me in your prayers huh?

  7. Love the photo and what it does. I agree Chaz must go, don't understand why he gets the votes, silly statement.lol Popularity instead of talent. A good description from you.

  8. Hi Carole great photo you have there, I would love to have a place like that to go to. There is nothing like those old mills around here, at least not that I know of. Get a good point and shoot for those trips where an SLR is not possible.
    DWTS to me is not worth watching, it takes years for an average person to be able to learn and retain the moves that they are doing, I know because I can dance and have for years. I was taking lessons through the last 25 years, every week. If one does not keep dancing at least 2 to three times a week, one quickly forgets the moves they have learned. Those stars will forget all the moves they have learned about a month or so after they have left the show.

  9. That's an excellent picture Carole! I love old stuff like that.
    I don't watch Dancing... but your line about a sack of grain did crack me up!

  10. Have a great time on your trip. We have a mill similar to that, Mabry Mill, on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I keep meaning to get over there and shoot it during autumn but something always gets in the way. This year it's VA medical running me all over the place for tests, poking, prodding, voodoo chants.....the cure so far is worse than the ailmnet and they still haven't decided what's wrong with me......if anything!

  11. What a lovely photo of the mill! It's amazing that it's still running.
    I've never seen DWTS, but I heard it's a very popular show. I like watching 30 minute comedy on TV :-)

  12. Loved that the old mills photos and Happy Halloween to come is gorgeous photos for Admiral but I can't comments whew!!
    I'm going to be very busy next week
    xoxoxo Sis,Miyuki, Miss Catt, and Victoria.

  13. Nice photo of the mill. You really should take your camera when going out anywhere for a visit. You can always leave it in the trunk.
    My wife loves DWTS and she's like you about "Chaz". The only reason HE/SHE stayed on so long was to advance promotion of "it's" sexual orientation as a part of political correctness.

  14. Hi Sis.. Yes I do catch DWTS occasionally and saw Chaz get voted off. How can anyone beat JR I mean sheesh he is sooo good.Wonderful picture of the mill..nice to know things like that still exist. : )