Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Eve

Tomorrow's Halloween.  Unbelievable.  WHERE has this year flown to?  I still remember when I was a pre-teen I thought that the years were 10 years long each.  Time seemed so slow.  Nowadays, the past 15 or so years it seems that you have New Year's Day...blink twice and you're sweltering on July the 4th..look away and it's Christmas.  This year a large chunk of time was spent here suffering in the house.  So, that shortened up my perception more than usual.

Hey guys, I'm munching a toasted cheese sandwich.  Just sharp cheddar and toast.  I shouldn't so soon before bed.

I am really enjoying my work outs.  It's way too soon for any changes.  Maybe in a few months.

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day being my youngest son's assistant while he did a portrait session for a contest winner.  He does portraits once in a blue moon.  His thing is nature photography.  It was out of doors and the temp was 56 with a brisk not-ending breeze.  The person showed up in one of those tube top like things and a pair of pants.  COLD!!!!!!  I had on a winter weight jacket as we were in shade a lot and the breeze was making it even colder.  She just stood it.  But she was quite a heavy woman so possibly it didn't seem as cold to her.  She never seemed to shiver.

I learned a lot about holding the reflector and the diffuser.  No need for the extra flash's as this was not a studio shot nor in a situation where the light couldn't adequately be controlled with the diffuser and reflector.

I had a good time..bought some $3.27 a gallon gas on the way home and then, work here at home.

I really need to get to the WordPress bloggie and update.



  1. Gorgeous leaves, great shot.

    The time passes more quickly for me each year. Unpleasant sometimes, but passes quickly none the less.

    Sounds like a fun time spent helping your son and learning too.


  2. Stunning photo. Is that one you took yesterday? Very beautiful.

  3. Time goes faster I know. I love grilled cheese sands! I like the photo. Very cool you spent time with your son. Tube top in 56 degree weather? Oh my.

  4. Hi Carole, I am glad to hear you had a wonderful day with your son. Sounds like alot of fun, and learning new things. Love your pictures. They are great. Have a wonderful night and week ahead.
    oxox Dianne:)

  5. A beautiful Autumn leaves photos.
    It seems your family has pretty good photography that make a good team.
    AND you are coming good Sis!
    You shouldn't have grilled cheese sands in late night but glad you were enjoyed it:-)
    Enjoy Halloween Eve with Miss catt.
    xoxoxox to Sis,Miyuki,Miss catt, and Victoria.

  6. Seems like the clock just spins away each day. Oh gee, WordPress blog. I had forgotten all about that. Guess I should go see if they still have me there.

  7. I read that "time" is slowed by gravity. Maybe before we were born we lived without gravity and our spirit was used to that- so life on earth seemed sooo slowww when we were young and new to this place.

  8. Those leaves are beautiful. They look like ones we usually have here in New England.

  9. I opened a wordpress blog after the demise of Spaces but never did a thing with it. I can barely manage my Blogger blog.
    Ditto as to what Michelle said concerning the leaves except around here near the coast there is still plenty of green on the trees. Very odd.

  10. I love both the picture you've got at the top and the bottom of your blog today! The top one reminds me of that creepy door of that abandoned homestead in Ireland...still gives me the creeps! The leaves are spectacular! I really envy you those colors. We had some brilliant gold for a bit here then it quickly faded...highs tomorrow in the thirties..ugh! Have a great day Carole!

  11. Time can slow down any time now if you ask me. Yesterday I was 14 and today I'm did that happen.
    Spending the day with your son sounds like a perfect way to spend the day.
    Happy Halloween GF!

  12. Darn...yesterday was a beautiful pleasant day, and I put the cameras in the car and headed off for breakfast. However, after breakfast, I returned home to do two short "honey-do jobs"....and lost interest in going back out. I wasted the day sitting in and watching football. DUMB !!!

  13. Thank you for visit Sis!
    My hay fever still on to all rye grass dry up,
    Once the temperature goes up over 30C for a week
    than my nose will be happier:-)
    Today only 16C and by on weekend 30C but on thing good about Melbourne weather is pretty dry that I like very much though NOT winter time:-)
    Happy Halloween! see you next weekend come with Miss Catts.
    xoxoxo To Sis, Miyuki, Miss Catt, and aka Victoria.

  14. I'm totally with you about the time flying. As we get older, it seems time passes faster.
    If I see people in tube tops around this time of the year, I would say BRRRRR! I once saw some people swimming in the ocean while the others were wearing sweater. Maybe those in the ocean were from north.

  15. Thanks for you halloween visit. Hope you don't mind but I do a lot of catching up reading blogs in reader as my connection is too slow for trying to load whole blog pages for each one. Anyway love your photos you have been posting. Glad you are back in gear with work outs. I so wish I was close to town to go for work out. I just don't have the motivation here or seem t find something that is always more important that needs doing. I would think during your injury time would have dragged. Oh how could you want October to end so soon. It is one of my favorite months. Only problem with using the reader after a period has gone by I sometime miss the headers. So I missed the one with the grist mill. Anyway love this one with the door. Well hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs Carrie

  16. That's one spooky looking door and the Fall leaves are pretty as usual. Time has passed fast for me and I can't believe I'm the age I am. So glad you got to spend time with your son, precious time.

  17. Your posting some very beautiful thoughts and the photos also are breathtaking.