Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Mewsings Meow

I have an appointment at 1430 with the orthopaedic surgeon so as to know what the fate of my therapy will be.  They may be ready to have me do it on my own by now.

Hope you like the picture in the header I look last week.  I was in the arboretum and finally looked down!

RedNeck Room will be opened on Wednesday!  Looking forward to that!  Noise and food.  What's not to like?  A blog friend started that RedNeck Room thing when I was talking about the fun   we have and all the noise and he made a comment when I said we were going to meet the next day "I'll go get the RedNeck Room ready!" Always makes me smile.  Any of you remember J in Georgia?  It was him.

Well, I have helped her Majesty on her blog and I am about computered out.  Whew.  Lot of commenting she has to get done.  Wears her claws to the bone.



  1. I would sure love to join you red necks, I have a feeling you're my kind of people lol.
    The picture is beautiful. I sure like your camera. Victoria isn't it?
    Have a great day and good luck at the docs!

  2. One gorgeous picture girl. Have fun at your lunch - sounds like a good time to me.

  3. Oh to be in the Redneck Room with you all. Sounds like such a great time.

  4. Good luck re: the appt.! Let us know what happens!

  5. I always am glad to hear of progress with your therapy...I do really pray that you get a good report. We spend the day taking my dear brother from Africa around town. The weather has had highs in the eighties and low nineties every single day for a couple weeks so it's about perfect for him. Bless you Carole, have a good one.

  6. Very nice pic. I hope you have a nice week!

  7. Wonderful picture Carole. We have a similar place up here called Johnathan Brewers. A very noisy place with good food.

  8. The picture is lovely, beautiful colors!

    I remember j 'n georgia. He doesn't come around much anymore.

    What did you find out at the doctor appointment?


  9. Love your new header. I am having problems commenting on some blogs hope you aren't one of them.

  10. J is a piece of work, alright! I got to know him when we were still over on that other thing....Live something or other.

    Love that shot! A simple image but so much to see!

    Good luck with the OS. Hope yours is as good as the one i had for my surgery.

  11. Gorgeous color!
    Enjoy at RedNeck Room ..Don't loose your voice:-)
    hope you get a good report from Orthopaedic surgeon.
    xoxoxox To Sis, Miyuki,Miss Catt, And Victoria.

  12. Hi Carole, Hope you got a good report from your Orthopedic Surgeon today. You sound good.Have a great time out with your friends on Wed.
    It is nice to hear you have been out with your camera and taking Beautiful pictures like the one in your new header. Lovely capture.
    Take care.
    xx's Dianne :)

  13. What is this Redneck Room of which you speak? Sounds quite intriguing.

  14. I hope you got a good result at your surgeon. I love the photo at the header. So beautiful!! I always enjoy seeing dew on plant or spider web or anything :-)