Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things happen

Go in peace, Steve Jobs.  I hated to learn of your passing.  You were an innovative genius and that is not too strong a label to put on a man like you.  There won't be another like you any time soon.  I have always loved our Mac's and I join millions of others saying, thanks Steve.

I have a swollen wrist again, both sides and a bruise as well.  In my therapy sessions,  I refuse from this point onward to ever use that light hammer held at the bottom of its handle and allowed to drop left to right, right to left.  It had residual bad effects on my wrist before and just as bad..worse really, today,  That does that!

My remaining brother is in a health crisis I learned just this morning when I woke.  I will see how that goes as the weeks move on.  

I hope all of you are having good days and enjoying cooler weather with brilliant sun as we are here where I am.

Just checking in to see how you all are. xox


  1. Sometimes we wonder if "therapy" is all it is cracked up to be.

    Purrs to your brother....

    And while we aren't Mac or iSomething users here, it was sad to hear of Steve Job's passing - mom was a little stunned when she turned on the news this am.

  2. Steve Jobs had an incredible impact on our world, not just for Mac users but for all computer users and technology across the board. He will be missed.

    It took me a while but I finally started telling my therapists what worked for me and what didn't. Surprisingly, they were cooperative and even pleased that I was taking an active part in my therapy rather than just gritting my teeth and following the routine no matter how much it hurt. You're doing therapy, not to mention paying for it, to recover from your injuries, not aggravate them!

    We'll keep your brother in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. The world will miss yet remember Steve who changed all our lives. So sorry to hear the theropy is causing you such pain. Hope you feel better. I hope your brother gets well too. Hugs

  4. Im going to be praying for your Brother Carole.
    Im sorry to hear about your wrist and I think what you are doing is best and best in the long run. Let it rest and heal. My hand is sore also and wrist . My camera hand . Im not sure what to do yet either. I have been resting it as much as I can . I lifted somethings too heavy again instead of waiting for help. I think Im stronger than I am sometime.
    Apple will never be the same I dont think. The world morns.

  5. I've heard Steve Jobs called the modern day Edison...I think so. So much has changed with the things he's invented. RIP indeed. It's nasty and cool here with plenty of rain and wind. Does the weather effect how your wrist feels? Anyway, have a good weekend my friend.

  6. Sorry about the swelling. I hope you get better result soon from the therapy, sounds like insult to injury.
    I hated to hear about Steve Jobs' passing.

  7. I was having a 'senior moment'as I was commenting earler. As I was in the fridge getting left overs to warm, I remembered reading about your brother. I sure hope he improves. I only have a sister left out of us five siblings.

  8. OH SIS.. I send you prayers and hugs for you and your brother..Hope things go okay for him. Know I am there for you in spirit. Luck to you and the therapy tell them off and take it slow. HUGS!! : )

  9. It was very sad to learn about Steve Job's passing. I'm sorry your wrist is worse after therapy. It should not happen...I hope swelling and bruises will go away soon.
    And I am so sorry to hear about your brother. I'm praying he will be well.

  10. Steve was a true visionary. Sorry to hear your brother isn't feeling well and pray he gets better real soon!

  11. Mom is sorry to hear that your brother is having a health crisis, and that your therapy has negatively impacted your wrist. Hoping it improves soon with rest.

    Yes, it was very sobering that Steve Jobs passed away. So many amazing innovations that he was part of. We wonder if Apple will be able to be as creative now that his brilliance is no longer part of it. We hope so.