Thursday, October 20, 2011


Windy and rainy but that's Fall for ya.  I hope we get a few more of the usual gorgeous October days out of it all before cold dreary November.

I started a formal workout program Monday.  Tomorrow will be my third time and I must say I like it.  I got into such sorry shape after the accident I needed this.  I had thought to do my own, as always but I found I wasn't plus it wasn't done with the strain and sweat I needed.  NOW it is.  Twin, you were right. I didn't have a lot of faith in it as it looked wimpy I found out the first day no, it works your muscles and that mandatory stretching is something I wish I could get out of but I can't.  They MAKE you.  I hate stretching but I guess it won't kill me.

The little Mrs. is making me follow her about in a duck walk for 15-20 minutes so as to give her the pill she must take.  That works my thigh muscles, trust me.  She graciously has given in so far after lots and lots of persuasion.  I feel as though I've done a days' work after getting that pill into that tiny gullet!

Got to get my face on and my hair done.  There's places to go and people to annoy.  Horst, are you progressing?  Here's a picture of where all this drivel comes from.


  1. I love that there's a cat's toy feather wand on your desk. :)

  2. A tidy place to wreak global chaos from Carole! I like having a nice and neat computer desk myself. Today is supposed to be a beautiful day with the seventies being approached which is nice...I am going to endeavor to appreciate it while I can. Have a great day.

  3. That drivel spot is way to clean.... it appears nothing happens there. scary... oops... maybe so.... halloween is approaching.

  4. I knew that you would like Curves, I loved it and I really miss it.

    Your desk looks very nice!


  5. Hi Carole, yes I am progressing, I slowly feel like doing things again. I once in a while walk and carry things with out my Cain. Mostly when I need both hands to do things, but I notice my lower back muscle want to rebel when I do that. It will take some time before I can go completely without my cain. Will ask the doctor if I can do things like go to the swimming pool. I love your desk, so nice and tidy. My desks are very messy, but that's ok, I know where everything is. Slowly cleaning up my messes.

  6. That desk is so clean it looks like a new setup. lol Needless to say there will be no pictures of mine.

  7. I'm happy that you are in progress for your wrist
    and Miss Catt's doing well too.
    The computer room that remind me a few years ago.
    all our blogs friend were post shows our computer room :-)
    You take care!
    xoxoxox to Sis,Miss Catt, Miyuki, and Victoria.

  8. That's what I need...a formal workout program. I'm so bad about not doing it on my own. Years ago in CA, I went regularly to what was Elaine Powers Studio...not sure it exists anymore. I loved it!
    Your 'duck walk' made me smile. At least she's taking the pill.

  9. Forgot...I love your picture at the top. Just feel drawn to it.

  10. It's great you enjoy your workout! I hope you'll be in your perfect shape soon.
    I'm glad Admiral san took her pill. I agree with you, it feels like having done day's work! When I have to let my boys take pills, or brush their teeth, it is a lot of work!

  11. Your neat computer reminded me also of our blogs as Michiko said. I get a workout giving Kassey a treat one at a time, just squating and there are several. Years ago, I went to Elaine Powers. I have to be motivated like when DR. OZ has an exercising guest on.
    I like the clock, good photo.
    Glad the Admiral is taking her meds.