Saturday, November 19, 2011

Grateful Saturday

I'm grateful my neck and surrounding muscles (which I must have laid on wrong the night before last) have stopped hurting as much as they were.  I worked out anyway yesterday morning and hoped for relief with that sort of "therapy" but no.

Oldest son is here and that is always good. I made roasted chicken with a savory yellow rice and a side of green peas (what other color would you expect, Carole??) and man, that was good!  There will be no leftovers for him to take home today.  He did his laundry and that's all ready to go.  We always enjoy a visit and he enjoys being pampered a little with my cooking.  He has his usual..biscuits, cherry preserves, bacon and eggs and orange juice this morning.  Yummy.

The Admiral says that when someone mentioned that the mouseie she caught and killed a few days ago may have been what was making her play the trumpet and sound the meow horn all night for a week.  I feel I have to agree as she has gone back to her usual shouting out from 6 a.m. onward now.  Thank heavens.  I had the worst 6 nights in my history while she sounded off ALL night long.  It was the "night (and day) of the walking dead around here where *I* was concerned.  Her..she slept all day.  Me, I couldn't.

The middle and my grandson will be here next Wednesday late for the Thanksgiving holidays.  This year we are all invited over and actually going to my ex husband's place for dinner on Thanksgiving.  Less work for me.  :-)  Unbelievable that another year has come and gone. Good grief.


  1. I've had a stiff neck and achy back too. It isn't fun is it. Enjoy your visit and have a great weekend!

  2. Whew!! What a relief to find an answer to the Admiral's serenading day and night. I am thankful on your behalf.

    It is fun to pamper our kids! I don't get much chance but when I do I take full advantage of it.

  3. A stiff neck is one of the worse aches I think. Makes every movement off kilter.

    Glad you finally got some sleep.

  4. ....chicken n rice..... sounds pretty good....

  5. I thought was a quite in your home Sis:-)that time was always something wrong with Miss catt or you have pains in somewhere...
    But it all okay now that's a good to hear Sis.
    In cold weather does make to tighten muscles all you need to have a little moving your body to loosen up your muscles before you go to bed.
    I have has tighten my neck when I watched TV on a long times and I'm watching last three days
    The president golf in here and today is final day,whatever win the day US or Australian that I don't care very much.
    The photos has a beautiful soft color very nice.
    Hope you have a GOOD NIGHT SLEEP TONIGHT.
    xoxoxox Sis, Miyuki,Miss Catt, and Victoria.

  6. I think living close to you would expand one's waistline!

  7. I do hope that was the cause of Admiral's howing half the nignt. Guess we'll know for sure in another week. So far - the theory looks good.

  8. See! The Admiral is just looking out for her family. She warned of the danger then took care of the problem.
    Will the Admiral be running for president?

  9. Stiff necks are pretty darn annoying aren't they? Unlike sore muscles after a workout they don't seem to have any value of building something up at all. Glad to hear that things are getting somewhat back to normal with her majesty.