Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Puss in Boots

The day after Thanksgiving, everyone was here again, so we went out to eat and then, one of my sons looking at his iPhone App said that in the theatre not a mile away, Puss in Boots was going to be on in 20 minutes.  We all decided we'd like to see it so we left to go straight over.

Let me tell you how much I loved that movie  It was really good.  I could have waited to see it in 3D the next day or even later that evening but we chose to see it as a family so we saw the standard look.

If you haven't seen it, make an effort.  It matters not if you are 70 or 17.  It's fun and engaging. Antonio Banderos is excellent as Puss.  And later the next day I saw my first Shrek movie!  I have been behind the barn door for a while now it seems.

You know I have never liked apples.  But something prompted me to buy a Gala apple last week and I can't get enough of those.  Take about delicious!  I am eating one now even though I may regret the moisture content so soon before bed.  Finally found an apple I like.  I can't believe it.  Sweet and delicious.

Just wanted to alert you to that excellent movie.  I would never ever have thought of Humpty Dumpty that way though.  :-)))

Faced another power outage last night.  Started just before 8 I think and only lasted till somewhere like 9:45.  Just long enough to get a little uncomfortably cool in here.  Pitch black except the oil lamp I had to guard every second and the flash light too.  This is the second one in a week.  No idea what happened but I heard that awful deep thrumming hum outside as the power went off..came back up, off again, up again and then the third time was the charm.  That makes sense really as it was automatically switching to another "line" when the fault was detected.  That failed too so..off for good that third time.

Hope you have power tonight and I hope we keep it.  XOX


  1. I have seen the ads for Puss 'n Boots on TV. It looks like a really cute show. I think it also got Ebert's 2 thumbs up.

    I like gala apples and also Fuji. They are 2 of the best. Try a Fuji one if you get a chance.


  2. I like the Gala too. I will try the Fuji since Beth mentioned it. The power outages are awful on electronics or certain ones anyway. Hope they fix it good so it won't happen again. I laughed at the Puss trailers and I love the Shrek movies. The Gingerman makes me laugh out loud when he's scared and poo's a hershy kiss chocolate. :-)

  3. I've see all the Shrek movies but have not seen the Puss in Boots movie yet. I hate those darn power outages. Thank god we don't get them much here in Edmonton.

  4. I love that cat in the movies- I have not seen it but maybe soon! Keep warm you two, I do not like those outages!

  5. Gala apples are the best! I'm so glad you like them :-). You may like Pink Ladies, too, but they're a bit expensive. I plan to see Puss in Boots soon. I love him in the Shrek movies!

  6. My mom recently discovered Gala apples and loves them. She's tried to convert me but I'm a hard core red delicious fan.

    Frankie lives in constant dread of power outages during the inter months and has been talking about buying a generator for years. I try to point out that the only outages we've had for the 7 years we've lived here have been during the summer months (knock wood) but she still wants a generator.

  7. I'm going to have to watch Puss in action...soon. :) The Gala apple sounds yummy. I went out to get a peach, plums, pear and some bananas this evening. Something I should probably do more often.

  8. Those are the kind of movies we often see as a family and frankly I don't mind good old 2D at all...after all you don't need the glasses!

  9. I have been back and forth about watching Puss in Boots. I watched all Shrek movies and I loved this kitty! I love when he makes his cute face with big eyes :-) But I was not sure if the new movie would be good...now I think I go watch. Thank you for the review :-)
    I'm sorry to hear about power outage. Please stay safe and warm!

  10. So glad you liked the Gala apple though you should try more other fruit and new foods:-)
    I will keep in my next movie list Puss in Boots.
    You have a nice day,
    xoxoox Sis, Miyuki, Miss Catt, Victoria.

  11. I've heard so many people recommend Puss in Boots, so do plan on seeing it. We just need to find a time when we can do it. All the Shrek movies are very cute too. Guess I'm a big kid at heart.

  12. Those apples are good baked too!! Yum! Love all kinds.. Hope your weekend will be nice and free of any white stuff. heehhe : )

  13. I have a feeling that is one movie I would love to see and havent yet to be honest. If Antonio Banderos is in it then that makes it that much better.
    Hope LB is doing fine also and your power stays on.

  14. Gala is my favorite apple. Don't eat a lot, but that's the one I buy...if I buy any.

    You know what sounds best to me about the movie? That you went as a family on the 'spur of the moment'. Those are some of the best times.
    I'm sure you enjoyed Shrek. I've watched one with the grandkids...their insistence. :)

    Hope they find the problem with the power and it being off is a thing of the past.

  15. I've seen the trailer's for that movie and it does look like a fun show. I don't think it's here tho. I like apples of all kinds but to be honest I don't eat as much fruit as I should.
    Take care now ya hear.

  16. I'd love to see the movie, maybe later. I like the Shrek movies, have them all.
    I buy the organic Gala apples so I don't have to peel them, very juicy, crunchy...so good.