Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Ramblings

Well, I got to sleep some last night but only because I fired up the big 20 inch box fan (I covered its face with a heavy shirt draped over it so the blown air didn't circulate well.) so as to get its noise to help mask the cat's calling in the night.  I have tried to address that but she feels badly and that's why by and large. No use in dwelling on that right now.

The youngest is coming over for lunch.  When we had that string of tornadoes in April with the baseball sized hailstones, he happened to have been away from home and so his brand new Ford Fusion hybrid took a horrible battering as did everyone else's cars and trucks.  It took all the way till WEDNESDAY this month to get it back fro the shop.  There were so many claims as well as the dealerships in the area had their cars hammered too.  The insurance companies are totally slammed by the hail damage let alone anything else.  The roofing companies are just as busy as the car repair places and all are backlogged till late NEXT year. That amazing weather happening in the Nome area in Alaska was just that...amazing.  Poor folks. NO one escapes these wild weather swings.

Well, it's almost 8 so I had better get busy getting dressed. I missed my work out yesterday due to a lack of sleep and extreme sleepiness so as they are closed on the weekend I will need to get up on the treadmill and see what I can accomplish.



  1. I am sorry you didn't get proper rest again. I hope that Admiral's calling doesn't mean anything serious.

    Enjoy your son's visit!!


  2. I like a fan going just to muffle noises. I'm one of those light sleepers that hears every sound so the 'white noise' helps. Poor Admiral, I bet she's tired too. Hey, have a great lunch.

  3. Sorry you have has a bad time with your loved ones
    problems "Including the cat":-)
    Well it is big part of your life isn't it Sis:-)
    Your younger son's cars damaged by the baseball sized hail stones??
    That is huge size Sis.. We have has a golf ball
    size in back few years ago in the hot January.
    And a lots of cars needed to waiting for long time for fixed them.
    I knew the mother nature does so much damage in the whole in the world these day and who know do
    I'm going to bed Sis!!! 24:00 Good night see you tomorrow:-)
    You better have nice day Sis!!

  4. Might the Admiral respond to some extra feeding in the night? We are ashamed to have to say that Audrey gets wetted kibble dispensed at 10 pm and 5 am from a battery operated feeder. Otherwise she would never let us sleep at all. The feeders are not cheap - about $50 at Petsmart. Called Petsafe 5 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder . We do hope her calling at night is NOT a sign she feels unwell.

  5. Sorry for the difficulties with Miss Katt, I only wish that there was some relief for you. That storm sounds really bad...believe it or not the tornado we had last year left houses and car still getting fixed up until now...terrible thing that. I pray you have a good day Carole, take care my friend.

  6. Oh Sis I so hope Ms Catt gets better soon. Get rest whenever you can. Hugs and prayers XXOO

  7. Aww, poor you and Ms. B! I hope she calms down.

  8. It took such long time for your son's car to be fixed? I'm sorry his new car was damaged...
    I hope you get a good workout and have wonderful weekend!!

  9. Interesting idea with the fan to muffle sounds. I'll pass that one on to my daughter that works the graveyard shift as a nurse.

  10. So happy you have resolved the bit of Admiral's calling at night making you lose sleep. Hope it works for a long time yet.

  11. Hi Carole, thanks for your visit to my blog. Carole, well I am pleased as well, But my muscles hate me. They add an exercise to my list, every time I go to Physio. They added 10 minutes on the stationary bike today. I told them I do the bike at home, they said that's OK, and gave me the exercise anyway.