Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday and Rain Coming

We SURE have been getting more than our share of rain.  BUT while I wish that didn't happen, I remember our three years drought-like conditions until about three years ago! and can't really complain.

Our University football team lost again and this is the third year we have been P poor.  We have no depth whatsoever and only a few talented men.  A very beatable condition to be in and trust me, we have been beaten every time this year and last, just about.  Only won ONE in our SEC division.  ONE.  The other few wins were outside our SEC teams.  (Southeast Conference)

The house is empty and quiet.  Have to say where *I* miss the hubbub, the cat is happy. I did sleep better last night however as I knew that what ever sound she might make would not bother anyone but me.  So I didn't have that self-imposed pressure.  They don't mind's all in my head that they mustn't be disturbed one iota.  The cat says she's old and ill and she'll say something whenever she dang well pleases- so take it and lump it.  I take it.  She lumps it.  :-)

We get about 3 days of rain a week lately, usually mid week but it's moving backward and it will start today instead.  Just got over the last blast!  Here it is again.

Ever have a so-called friend that until circumstances changed , was using you for whatever they could glean from your work position?  I did and it still rankles a bit obviously.  She was all fine and dandy until I left that job position where I could have been helpful to her in hers, and she dropped me and my real friendship like the proverbial hot potato.  That was my first experience with someone like that.  It did hurt my feelings and I see since I am blogging about it, it still rankles.  Oh well.  Only once in a while.  I'll have to work on that attitude as it sure isn't making anything different.  :-)

Meanwhile, for pity sakes, I'll quit and say I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and tell you that we sure did.  GOOD food and too much dessert!


  1. I am glad you had a nice visit with your boys. Have a relaxing sunday

  2. Had some rain here, but though it's been gloomy out, it has stopped. I guess the little lady is a real believer in 'age has it's privileges'.

    I think there a lot of people out there like that. They either don't appreciate a good friend or just don't know how to be and stay friends.

    Have a good day girlfriend.

  3. I'm worn out from the black Friday concert we had followed by a full day on Saturday. Right now I'm fighting a cold but once again our weather will be a brilliant sixty degree day. I swear our weather is directly opposed to you all the time don't you think? I'm going to church a bit late since my fingers...yes, even my concrete fingers can take it a bit easy today. Have a good day Carole.

  4. The rain has stopped here for a little while but it is cold in the 30s. I went to the store and froze.

    Don't mourn the loss of a friend who would treat you like that Twin. It is not worth the effort.

    I know you miss your boys but it will soon be Christmas and they will be back again.

    Hugs for you 'n her.

  5. Of course it's going to always rankle because you gave her true friendship and hers was false. That's just a natural human reaction.

  6. It has been dry weekend here and very warm.
    I'm sorry you had such bad experience with the person. Sadly there are always that kind of people. But after bad things, there will always be something good waiting for you :-) I hope you have a very relaxing weekend!!

  7. I have had many friends like the one you have described. The really aren't a friend, just pretend to be. So don't loose any sleep over them. Like Beth says "not worth the effort".

  8. The rains a comin'. It's been spring-like around here but that will change in 2 days when your rain makes it up here.
    Had a good Thanksgiving thank you very much.
    Fortunately I have never had a "friend" such as the one you had. Who needs users? You're better off without this person.

  9. That person reminds me of smething told to me 30+ years ago by an old horse trainer when describing a fellow horse trainer. He said, " I ain't no vetinerian, but, I know a horse's ass when I see one!"

  10. I've had a lot of friends come and go over my lifetime. Since it was work that pulled you together to begin with, now that you are retired, you no longer have that common thread binding you together. Could it just be that you are growing apart because that common thread is gone? Just food for thought friend. I see on TV that parts of your state might be in for snow today!! Sorry to break that wonderful news to you.

  11. I had a "friend" or so I thought until I found out she was just after my other friends husband. Well she really wasn't my friend to begin with, she was a friend of a friend. The worse part is she became friends of the women whose husband she was after and make her think they were BFF's. Sad to say she won his heart and broke up a family. I haven't spoken to her since. Yeah, it rankles me too lol. Sorry your friend did that to you!

  12. Hello Sis.. so glad you had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. Just letting you know I have had problems with my wordpress blog but things seem to be up to par now. I have updated as the view changed here to WHITE! LOL Have a great week! : ) XXOO

  13. Some friends a like that you and I are very similar nature and people are used as they wanted to without hesitated but when I got older I became more control with that sort of person.
    As you said too much foods but it is okay as long as you go back to your exercise....
    We has been a too much rains and it cause already some parts a floods,our golf course too.
    xoxoox Sis, Miss Catt, Miyuki. Victoria.

  14. Blessings.....
    Glad you had a great thanksgiving. Now we are being blessed with the rain. Its been raining all day today. I love it, always have.

    Have a great day. Stay blessed.

  15. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and the rain. I love the rain. At least its not snow.
    Glad to read LB is ok too.
    Have a blessed night .

  16. Catching up and I don't recall rain or not on Sunday. I'm glad you all had a good Thanksgiving. Twin gives good advice. It seems that I've always been a usee, better alone.