Sunday, November 6, 2011

Working...a night and day of it

It was later in in the evening yesterday..full dark and I decided to go thru another bedroom closet.  I had gone thru my big main closet in my room and took a lot of tops to Goodwill several days ago.  Threw away a lot of older and somewhat faded tee shirts.   I already have enough rags so I didn't cut those up for rags this time.

I put summer things away finally for the most part and rediscovered a lot of winter things I forgot I had.  I have three closets stuffed in this house with my clothes.  I have an entry way closet full of coats, blazers and jackets too.  I got rid of some of those as well and going to cut a swath thru the shoes that I know I won't wear.  Maybe someone else will want to but..I have a small footie.  I worked a lot getting things out of one closet and other things put in..thrown away or whatever you will.  I spent the better part of two hours working.  Today, I have the house thoroughly cleaned.  Floors gleaming the way I like them too (kitchen and bath) and the carpet groomed just right.  Why do I say that?  Because it is my reward for the work done.  I love sitting with the paper perhaps, looking about  (I have blogged this before) and seeing it looking good till I or the cat mess it up. Then it's every man, neighbor and friend for themselves.

The plumber offered to take the flow restrictor out of my shower head when he had taken the head off for another reason..I said yes.  Ladies and Gentleman..BAD idea.  A tiny bathroom..very tiny... and when the water was turned on, I could only take a lukewarm shower because the force was so strong that turning the handle to make it warmer would have flooded the room practically.  The shower curtain billowed into the tub  when the water was turned on, and it clung to the wall!  Nothing would make it stop.  There was runny mist all in the bathroom.  I called and he brought a new head and installed it.  The price was half of a pan of brownies I had made that day,  they were good. I gave the rest to my son who visited part of the weekend.

What's up with you?


  1. My shower head about blows me away too, My SIL put it on for me when I moved here and took down the dinky one that was there. I like it but that first dash of cool water is breathtaking. lol
    Brownies, yumm!!
    I haven't cleaned thoroughly since I was in the hospital. I force myself to keep the bathroom clean and that is about it.


  2. Must be the weekend for brownies. Made some here too. Glad you got the shower back the way you prefer it.

  3. Wow you were full of energy. I need to clean the closet again too. Since my weight goes up and down and back up - I know there is 'stuff' in there that I'll never wear again. Last time I went thru that was when I was losing weight - packed away some of the better, more expensive things. Was so happy I did because now I've put the weight back on. Sigh! Losing battle.

  4. Shower head just right here, so far. Hubby will be put to work if it goes haywire. It's always nice to sit back and enjoy nice and shiney. Now I think the 'cat' would be nice and neat herself.

  5. It is such a great feeling to sit back and enjoy the rewards of your hard work. I too love that. Did you say brownies! I have been so hungry for cake lately but I've been fighting the urge and then you have to go and bring up brownies lol. I don't know how much longer I can hold off.

  6. It means a lot to have a good shower head. Glad you have a good one. I've been on chocolate lately. I just stir dark cocoa powder, sugar and water, sometimes dry milk mixed in, in a cup. I nuke it. Walla, my And nuts sometimes is a plus mixed in. Been a long time since I've had nommy brownies.
    I didn't work today as I usually do. The internet was good so I've been catching up.

  7. Dear Carole, Been thinking about cleaning the closets and getting rid of this & that or cutting some things for rags in the Painting Studio. Your cover photo of the rose is very nice. As ever be well

  8. While you worked in your home, I worked on the garden. It had become such a disgrace (the tortoises had eaten all the grass and the plants were unruly). I went to the nursery to get new grass and some new plants and spent many hours replanting and repotting. And now I'm so proud of my work (just got to keep Boomer from digging up the big pot to be his potty when he's outside). This will probably last 2 to 3 months before the grass is all eaten up.

  9. I wondering why you have so much energy Sis?
    Only I can thinking of you ate most of that yummy brownies? Miyuki used your Cell phone to told me
    on the weekend.
    Anyway I guess you feel better Sis after alll hard worked.
    You likes keep cleans it up to date:-)
    which is very good natures.
    The header photos is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Hope you have a GOOD NIGHT SLEEP!!
    xoxoxox TO Sis, Miyuki, Miss Catt, and Victoria.

  10. Today we have plans to visit Lovely's store that got is seasonal makeover for a change today. We still have snow on the ground here so we figured it would be a good idea to get in the seasonal mood you know? I have one more blog left with pictures from the summer then I'll move into my fall/winter mode...where does the time go?