Saturday, December 10, 2011


What a week with yesterday being one I am grateful came good instead of the way it might have been.  All the purrs and prayers for the Admiral are indeed still working as her life was saved yesterday from an awful accident.  She blogged about it today.

Today is gorgeous sunny and cold.  I got ready..wore my new gray jacket, rather a dressy one, and headed out to shop-- but I changed my mind and I went to a restaurant for lunch.  I never have minded doing these sorts of things by by myself Dining out I mean.  It's more fun because of getting to run your mouth when you're with someone's equally OK to go by yourself.    I just went to Shoney's this time and had the so-called country fried steak.  With a cream gravy and a small baked potato.  That will last me all day and part of the evening but good.  Yummy.

Has anyone been to see Puss in Boots after I blogged about it?  I hope you did and that you enjoyed it.

Tomorrow or later today will be quite a chore getting the kitchen wooden floor gleaming again after that awful accident yesterday and Simba if you read this, yes, I sure did have to go buy another half gallon at over $3.70.  Thank heavens that was the only outcome.  It could have been horrible.  Here is a cheerful reminder of late Spring this year. Just before my accident.


  1. Thank heaven you both are ok. You could have slipped in the milk while trying to save the Admiral.

    I love your spring picture. The color is beautiful.


  2. I know of the trials with Miss Katt and will continue to hope and pray for the best. We have mostly carpet in our house though I surely wish it weren't that way's in need of real deep cleaning. It's a big 32 degrees here and clear though the wind is back much to our displeasure. Ah spring...I'm thinking about it already and the picture surely helps in this regard!

  3. We read about the awful accident on Admiral's blog but we are so glad the only casualty was the milk and probably the floor.

  4. Oh! Country Fried Steak! Something I never make for myself but love--real comfort food! I had the best one ever recently at a chain restaurant called Texas Roadhouse. If they have one near you, I highly recommend their CFS!

    I still haven't seen Puss in Boots...I will have to do that soon, even without a friend!

  5. Well, we are so glad the worst of the milk accident was the need for polsihing the wooden floor, and having to go out for more milk!

    Your lunch out sounds deelish, says Mom.

  6. What a beautiful spring picture!

    Am having a chuckle over "running your mouth". Yep eating out with folk gives the old jaw a really good workout ! Glad you enjoyed. I'm always embarrassed eating out on my own.

    That Admiral is certainly not a milksop :) (do you have that word?)

  7. Oh girl - those pictures are breathtaking. You outdid yourself again. Unfortunately, we haven't been to see Puss & Boots yet. I hope we get there. If not I'll be sure to rent the DVD or catch it on Time Warner's pay for view. Somehow or other I'll see it. So many people have recommended it.

  8. I never got to see the movie-
    Give your girl a hug & kiss from me for her B-day <3

  9. I hope to see the movie, but at home. I haven't read 'her' blog yet, will go there from here. Love the beautiful flower, my fave color, in most things.